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September 22, 2016


How do we make it in the CRAZY STATES of America?

Again, turning off the television. . .can’t  handle any more;  just watched  a red – blue chart  of the  country with a majority of red states nationwide. The who’s ahead polls vacillate so much, it’s hard to believe anything.  Either the world has passed me by,  or I’ve already gone over the edge (and haven’t figure it out yet.)

If what seems relevant at the moment turns out to be true, just know. . .I’ll be hanging it all up – totally!  I would have no purpose left  – – why try to influence the path towards health, greater abundance,  appreciation of joy and beauty and all things glorious to behold,  if the brains of those I’m addressing are already entrenched in the new philosophy being espoused and paid for by the far right and the ilk of Koch brothers. . . which is to say ‘get what I can, when I can and to hell with anyone else.’   Let us not overlook the name at the top of the ticket remains TRUMP.  An incorrigible, mud-slinging liar, bigot, hater  and cheater who doesn’t even know what “TRUTH” looks  like.  He hates, vacillates, cheats hard workers out of earned pay without remorse.  

As a professional or business man, he earns no respect; it is his braggadocio, bombast and HUGE ego which says how great he is.  I count NO AMERICAN  as a worthy American who sends all production of his products overseas to be manufactured.  How does this equate to understanding the principles of fairness to the American working class?  That would assume that Trump understands the word ‘fairness’.  Don, the con is a rare breed indeed (hopefully), one of a kind.  There is not one positive thing I can see or say about Donald Trump.  As a human, he’s a piece of shit, a turd, an insult and natures error, but hey, guess he’s entitled to express himself just like anyone else.    To me he is an illegitimate human, bearing none of the essential core elements  which equate to be human;  the feelings and senses which resound thru our systems, guiding our hearts and minds.  He only seems to have “I WANT”.  . . . and that, as we all know is how little kids act who are still learning what’s expected to ‘get along’.

But what does it say about those who are willing to vote him into office to head this —  the greatest land in the world?

Our President is a great man and served this nation well;  kept us out of the huge war scene and struggled to accomplish even the smallest issues as the Republican party vowed to bollux every effort he made.  They would make sure he (a damned black man) got nothing done and would go down in history as a do-nothing spoiler.  It’s damned near killed them trying to do this, in fact. . .they seem to have destroyed themselves instead.  Just look at the Grand ole Party now.  But Obama did do much.  So much.  There are millions who have better lives because of his efforts and mind which is not set in stone — but open, capable of accepting the new.  Thank you Mr. President.  He saved the Auto industry (a real biggie) against advice;  one can BE who they wanna be now;  love who they wanna love!  

Mostly, he saved our butts.  The economic world was collapsing (ours as well). . .but he pulled it out.  He strengthened our unions globally and has become one of the most loved men to ever grace the world scene as a leader.  He is trusted.  His word is his bond.  He strives heartily to secure our global friendships and good will.  Better not get me started on Michelle.  This is a magnificent “Power Couple.”

So where are we today?  Any source or newspaper will attest that  the American economy is the strongest in the world.  We have 10,000 problems, but lack of money isn’t one of them.  As one who has given up on medicine,  I have no legitimate stance to take.  But stuff like that never stopped this mouth of mine, right?  Almost everyone knows I have nothing good to say about Obamacare… . hate it.  It’s bloated. FAR TOO COSTLY.  Badly rum — never, perhaps – had a chance. The mandate and fines thing – this on top of the fact that it is unaffordable to so many  — — just unforgivable!  (in my mind MEAN-spirited and wrong. He ran on the single payer system which I was all for (as was Bernie when he came on the scene).  This was NEVER going to be given a chance by congress who was already hell-bent to stop  ANYTHING Obama wanted to do.  Which is why, I do my own thing. Had my Alzheimers been over the hill just an inch or so more, I probably wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this either.  Not for everyone to be sure.  For me, I’m doing OKAY, without having a doctor tell me I am or am not and what pill he thinks I should be taking.  But enough of this, If Hillary gets in, she understands theres a whole lot of fixin’ needs doing on Healthcare.  

Another point. . .and I do have one, is that our choices are limited.  We can’t have Bernie, thats a closed issue.  But Hillary was serious when she dickered with Bernie on the Democratic platform — he was granted many points which he found imperative.  Hillary was never a progressive (in terms of how I think of it) – she was and is a centrist. . .but smart enough to see what’s important to people. . .she’ll do fine by us. If we want all the other stuff that was so vital to get life back on an even keel politically,  the climate and earth concerns. .. it is vital to select progressive down- line  members of congress and senate.  – – that’s on us – YOU AND ME!  We have to do this.  No matter who winds up in the white house.  Just as with ‘we can’t have Bernie’. . .well,  ya can’t have any of the other 10 or 12 Republicans either (any of which would have been so preferable to Don the Con).  

We do have two other side choices, both of whom are fine people and perhaps worthy.   With those who know, this is little more than a no vote to your party’s  candidate, therefore is going to enhance the opposition party. . .s’way it  works.  A wasted vote on an election which is possibly a vote to embrace disaster or whatever comes.   Remember, there s only one person left standing who can protect the good stuff and progress made under Obama and that is only Hillary.  She will go forward and build on the good we yearn for.    Should all this progress be washed away, I shudder to think of the aftermath of chaos.  

One more issue should be touched on and that is Don the Con calling Hillary a liar.  No, no, no — he is the liar.  Unfortunately, all have heard me spout off with scathing remarks about my dislike of Hillary as a person.  Was never a favorite of mine.  While I can’t remove all those comments from the ether,  I am quite certain I never ascribed “lying” to her.  She is too smart by far to lie, or need to.   What she  did that was so infuriating to me is to infer something (like considering being willing to reveal her speeches given to Wall Street), but later – only if everyone else did that too.  She carried herself with an air of authority and even superiority — also, which I disliked.  I judged her to feel “above it all or everyone else”.  Guess that was really more my problem than hers, eh?  Stuff and crap like that are just my ‘judgements’ (which I keep hoping I have outgrown).  But damn – this leopard (me) doesn’t seem to change it’s spots!  So no, she’s no liar.  I believe this is a tendency to have to protect herself from injury.  She’s not ashamed of anything she’s done, or she wouldn’t have done it.  But that what she does could be misinterpreted, misconstrued which could then open her to embarrassment or injury. . . thus, she often seems too guarded (a tendency many lawyers acquire).  Hil- think us all naked, that’ll do it

She IS GUILTY  of being the sharpest tool in the box. (and almost anyone).  She is guilty of having the finest working mind around.   Those who know her well insist she is very friendly and has a wonderful humor.  We (the public) rarely get that version of her  — it would help!  She doesn’t need to bone-up for the Don – he wouldn’t know right from left even with diagrams. and she knows it backwards and forward.     What she needs to do is get some old Johnny Carson tapes and sit up all day watching that!  Y’know, giggle and relax.  If she actually managed to have a glint in her  eye as she tossed aside his every effort while smilingly, enjoyably watching the big fart explode, this could turn into a pleasurable event.    Jan


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