SMOKINCHOICES (and other musings)

September 13, 2016


Is there anything ‘Legitimate’ about the CDC ?

They serve at the discretion of the People, not the other way around!

Are we actually “willing” to become subjected to living our lives WITHOUT CHOICE?  Being an American comes with a boat-load of rights which is designed to serve everyone and honor the “GREATER GOOD”.  Of course no one wants “typhoid Mary” running loose in the streets, . . we have always had laws to protect from that.  It seems, however, more clearly every day — — there aren’t any laws to keep us free of the clutches of  the greedy death-grip the CDC has over our lives for too long.  The CDC is a department our government set up to keep efficiency, sound judgement  and most of all  “SAFETY” for our citizens to be healthy and protected.   They are appointed,  not elected officials.  They, in a sense, work for us.   Over time, they have managed to gain the upper hand and become not our protector, but the final word in all medical issues.

Unfortunately, medicine has changed greatly over the last century, becoming distorted by power and greed.  The purpose no longer contains “FIRST, DO NO HARM.”  Sad. Medicine  which is supposed to contain proof of safety from ethically, scientific testing protocols is not observed,  instead, the manufacturer’s word is taken with only scant, non-conclusive evidence.   Such proceeds an assortment of death and injury to untold numbers of suffering, trusting people which should not be happening.  This alone should be warning enough (as in the current cases of autism with our children and gardasil given to teenagers, etc) for they are being harmed and killed by medicine in form of (vaccines) for a disease they don’t have and probably wouldn’t get.  Too few know the actual results as it is refuted and covered up.  Cases can go on indefinitely  often ending with “no clear evidence” for proof.  Struggling families trying for ‘justice’ against the  obscenely wealthy  pharmaceutical giants.

So this of course is the major problem;  our people are NOT being protected from harm and abuse,  instead we are being denied our rights, injured and killed as a result.

Then as a close 2nd,  one could say the American Medical Complex in conjunction with the FDA, CDC, AMA and BIG PhRMA , BIG AG and yes, the political establishment from the top down,  all seem to work hand in glove. . . because it has been so profitable!  But how is it affecting our country?  Well it HAS BROKEN THE BANK. . .we are going under financially.   How is it that so many ‘poor slobs’ just like the rest of us – somehow get to Washington and roll out millionaires?  Their salaries aren’t that great!   The voters wouldn’t stand for it. It’s all that cozy inside stuff which is going on.  We think we VOTE for the issues. . .well, we try – we go thru the motions, but its that inside stuff — the way corporate America buys and pays for the elected people to enact the votes the way they pay for them to be.    We are fraught with the “revolving door” from the corporate world to one of the government “agencies” then back again to corporate and round and round it goes.  This is spelled  CORRUPTION.   The so-called establishment.

Meanwhile all of us want more — more everything!.  We want our roads fixed.  We want our jobs back.  We want everything  made in America – the way it always was!  We want and need our schools fixed.  We want colorblind justice in our courts.  We want Social Security to continue on safely for future generations.  Prisons should be made mandatorily STATE-RUN –we should stop putting people away if we can’t run them efficiently and properly – – not forgetting that these are PEOPLE who are rotting away in there.  

What happened to the usury laws?  Now, the poorer among us pay far, far higher interest rates  (20 % up) than those better off (4 % on down).  Who does this make sense to?  There is no consumer protection  anymore.  How does a $400.00 delinquent bill, unpaid become $11,000.00 only a few months later after the company sells off the account and it gets resold and each adds other charges to an innocent “unsolvable” problem the original company refused to arbitrate?   Where is the justice?  I’de really like to know.  Thats the kind of crap going on in the real world of modern life out here in Ruff Hills, Any-state. We’d all like real food again, grown in fertile soil so we could have a chance at health. . .instead of farmed fish, factory housed cattle,  GMO everything else and toxic chemicals in our farm soil.  We’d like to be able to see a doctor  without having to forgo paying bills, and learn from the doctor what is wrong and why it happened and how to prevent it happening again.. . .but guess what, they don’t know as it seems almost everything now is idiopathic – cause unknown,  . . . but it does’t matter, we can’t afford the medicine anyway.  So like so many others –  just do without.    We need our factories open and making stuff – all stuff.  Not everybody is well-suited to the buttoned up life in cramped busy cities.  Most people like to do stuff  – with their hands.  That’s honorable, and I’m one of them.  

So my point? MEDICINE IS BREAKING OUR COUNTRY APART.  THE COST IS UNREALISTIC AND OUT OF KILTER with the rest of life.  To a healthy population, it is only a small part. So why not give people what they actually need to be healthy?  Like organic food (which all food was only 50 years ago) ;  stop the special subsidies to farmers for growing the unhealthier, cheaper (and GMO)foodstuff;    unpolluted water (stop the toxic chemicals and the FRACKING and betcha a lot of it clears up.  Folks, there’s a whole lot of house-cleaning which needs doing. . .but for another day.   Today, please look at the video in the link below to see  Barbara Low Fisher (NVIC) discussing  important issues because it is relevant to our families and especially,  our kids.   It’s a bit longish, but so vital.  I’ve signed petitions up the gazoo,  wonder if it does any good.  But she offers that phone calls are preferable.  I thought about that.  She’s right, by golly, and I’ll tell you why I think so.   They work for us!  We don’t have to beg — it’s their job to function to serve the people’s will!  And if enough of us DEMAND  that they not sign this bill into action. . .they may suffer us not voting for them, if they are up for re-election or conversely, to start proceedings to oust them for not being responsive to our needs!   Just might get their attention.   just sayin’. . . . . .Jan


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