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September 9, 2016

D’ya like the Daily Show?

Trevor Noah has grown on me

I wasn’t really too exited about anyone else taking over the Daily show after our beloved Jon Stewart decided to leave. There just couldn’t be anyone  to replace him.   Of course,  I felt the same way about Johnny Carson. . .  . and I managed to survive.  Actually, they were and remain irreplaceable! Guess I still don’t like it when the world tries to take my ‘candy’ away from me.  Recently, loosing Bernie put me in bed,  but I’m getting over it, sorta.

Been watching Trevor off and on since he arrived, but now I have the series recorded automatically as  I guess Ive grown accustomed to that hunky face of his, the gorgeous smile  (not to forget – I’ve been a painter most all my life,  so I’m kinda addicted to all things beautiful) and his charming wit.   Additionally, he is prone to sardonic wit and is quite good on covering the political scene with a humorous brilliance.  So yeah, I like him for who he is and what HE  does,  he does it very well.  And he doesn’t have to be like Jon.

 Tonite he spoke of the recent “Forum” with Hillary and Trump (which I couldn’t force myself to watch)  From what he said, I know I would have hated it.  The moderator dwelt on her emails ad-nauseam, then hurried her thru responses to audience legitimate questions.  That’s very poor IMO. Then when Donald blow-hard hit his lying, untrue stride, he was not challenged.  Such should not be allowed.  What’s wrong with NBC?  At least, I enjoyed Trevor’s telling of it.

It’s really a good thing this beastly political season has so little time left.  Don’t think most of us can take much more.  In order to not have to suffer the sound of Trump who still seems to have free political coverage 24-7   I simply turn off the TV.   My favorite political Channel has been MSNBC.  But since they have undergone internal problems  (probably mismanagement and financial. . .) and axed so many of my favorite people and added relative unknown beginners, I simply switched to CNN for a few of my fav’s over there.  I still record “Morning Joe” and Rachel Maddow. This ‘STUFF CHANGES” thing has gotten out-of-hand IMO.

I will mention however that I have become resigned to voting for Hillary.  I have to.  I will NOT ‘not vote’.  I can’t abandon my understanding of the personal responsibility of every American to try to support our way of life by voting and becoming involved in the process.  If those of us capable of reason drop out —  what’s to become of us?  We can’t let unstable, lying Trump become president. . .it might bring on the end times full-force.  Also, Hillary is intellectually and  emotionally beautifully equipt to take the helm.  She will do a fine job and stay on top of things.  She has held herself up with dignity and calm demeanor.  She knows what the public thinks about her and this must be painful for her.  I believe that she WILL give this job “all she’s got” and then some.  She knows where she stands and what’s at stake.  I think she realizes the plight of our people and wants to do right by them – ALL. On top of this, our friends and allies globally are getting a bit frayed over what seems to be going on  over here.  I sure as hell don’t know! But everyone’s gotta do what we gotta do,. . .   .   .  just sayin’. . .     Jan


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