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September 5, 2016

Alzheimer’s and Amalgam

TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH  by Dr Keith Roach

Q  #1 Alzheimer’s

Today’s Columbus Dispatch carried a customary article for the Monday edition of TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH by Dr Keith Roach.  No matter what I did, couldn’t get it over here as the Dispatch doesn’t recognize my id or password.  This being a holiday, no one to speak with either.

So I’m gonna recap the parts I take issue with.  A querent asks Dr Roach  for advice that he (in his 40’s) can take now to head this off as his mother now in her 60’s is following in her mothers footsteps with frequent memory losses and lapses, but unable to admit her problem even tho her aged mother died with advanced Alzheimer’s.       This is an intelligent and rightful action in my opinion (IMO).  

Dr Roach responds that it’s up to his mother whether she wishes to go forward, get a diagnosis, etc., and he feels there are benefits to be realized from such action. (one might pardon my ignorance, but I don’t happen to know of any such benefits;  unless one is viewing all those tests and related costs which help no one but the medical establishment).  Dr suggests it may not be Alzheimers  in which case the querent may be suffering needless stress, isn’t actually helpful (IMO) for him – for  he wants to find out if there is something he can do to head this off at the pass!.  And I must say, Millions of others would relish a positive response on those chances/prospects.  

Further,  Dr Roach suggests an early diagnosis as treatment for Alzheimer’s is limited at best IF treatment is started early.   IMO this is simply not true.   So far, science has spent millions and come up with zilch.  That’s because all effort is spent  in studying the disease rather than learning how to recognize HEALTH, what it is, how it comes about and how to protect it. 

A recent entry approved by the FDA is a med to try to combat the tangles and Tau collecting in the brain.  I wish them well and success.  But Autopsy has shown that the presence of such  has not stopped many highly active, successful people from complete and total function prior to death.  That is not to also state that Alzheimer’s patients brains are also loaded with tangles and tau.

A further issue I have is the individual in discovery of these strange new “changes” life is thrusting upon them.*  Lets not be coy and pretend that I don’t know a thing or two about that.  In my early 60’s and 70’s, I was the “stand-in” mother figure for my two granddaughters; from diapers thru middle school. Some where in elementary school they giggled when I miss-called objects by wrong names.  I wasn’t aware of doing it. Stupid little things can be first inklings.    So much left to do with my girls.. .  almost tore my heart out of me.  I had the lapses and focus-dwindle. . . and I knew what was happening. I suffered a deep, in-the-pits funk for almost two years before my inner tiger came roaring back, unwilling to settle.  

In my case  good food, the kitchen and being a sort of health-nut were in my favor.  Also, have a strong mind with a bent toward independent thought and fire passed down from my mother.  All my sense organs remained open and on the hunt.  But even with my ‘clean living’,  good food,  I had several chronic diseases,  i.e. thyroid, hypertension, COPD,  and  developing heart and arthritis (all related to inflammation).  So I doctored for some years. After realizing that I was losing ground, I quit medicine entirely and have been attending to own needs for 5 or 6 years now.  BP is now normal,  Can no longer detect presence of COPD – breathe easy,  and the frightening A-FIB no longer a problem, tho quite sure the heart is probably still enlarged due to all that overworking for so long.  All my protocols are made from dear ole Mother Earth, so the body definitely recognizes them and is able to fully utilize and heal itself.  

* Back to how different people react:  My own father died at 91 in a home with severe Alzheimer’s and in a wheel chair, recognizing no-one. I didn’t know him.  My Mom at 85 with Alzheimers and in a wheel chair and in a home as I could no longer do all that she needed – but not abandoned by me and she knew she was loved as I showed her every day.  Statistics suggest these odds are hard to ignore.  It does seem to run in families — but this flies in the face of what I believe.  Our genes are perfect, divinely created with great wisdom.  Barring freak accidents of nature or other mishap – – don’t blame the genes!  They can be altered by what we eat.  Our diets, saturated with poisons, insecticides, synthetic  fertilization, GMO’s and tainted water all can take credit for harming the life cycle of humanity.  Our genes can’t reach out and get what they need – we must be smart enuff to provide it, no matter what.  

So when I saw what was happening to me,  it seemed insurmountable.  There would be no daughter there for me, I would be alone and I prefer death to going to a “home” to await a cruel death.  That’s why the FUNK!  I’ve lost several friends (younger than me) to Alzheimer’s.  One was one of my best buddies, we used to stay up all night painting and laughing and .  .  so much fun (back home in California).  When I called her the last few times, I could tell she had Alzheimers, but she didn’t seem to know, and she no longer remembered our glorious painting days together either.  Her husband had died and he always took care of everything for her.  Now she was alone and lost.  Tried to advise her daughter long distance, but daughter wouldn’t even discuss such a thing.   She did write me when her mother died.

My half sister by another mother is 12 years younger than me.  Little over a year ago, could tell over the phone that she was sinking into Alzheimer’s    I probed gently,  got nowhere, it was confusing for her. She told me about her heart surgery and all that glorious stuff.  My heart sank.  What good would  it do to illuminate her with all that I do.  It may take away her trust in her doctor and she needs care.  I couldn’t be ‘there’. .sometimes I think I can barely be ‘here’.  In time, with her youngest son’s help, I advised him of my current protocol for knocking the socks off Alzheimer’s and regaining her health.  Last Spring I started with LIPOSOMAL ENCAPSULATED Vitamin C and I was very pleased with it, but then started with the LIPO GLUTATHIONE  because it seemed the research was striking for use with really big stuff like Alzheimer’s.  Taking them both a couple of months now and not trying to say I’m 100%, but no more lapses, the focus has greatly improved.  I am Pleased!  Calling my sis, am hearing her old sparkle returning and she is only on the stuff about a week or so now.    Am hopeful for her.

To wrap up this first question, just wish Dr R had admonished the querent to keep  positive, eat fresh, wholesome and as organic as possible,  to drink pure clean water (I’m about 40 years on distilled water}, and incorporate organic coconut oil into his diet – DAILY, and to give up ALL GRAINS as they contribute to help break down the structure in the brain (likened to diabetes 3).  Use only good  olive oil, coconut oil and grass-fed butter,  and increase growing plants (avocados, ) nuts and seeds and all things green.  Keep asking questions. . .and think for yourself.    Jan

Q #2  Amalgam

Anon. asks Dr Roach:  Does the dental amalgam that is used for fillings  cause ALS?

Dr goes on to define Lou Gehrig’s disease as a progressive and degenerative disease of the nervous system.  Cause unknown. Suggests experts believe there is a genetic predisposition to ALS;  that certain environmental exposures can lead to the disease.  And that although heavy metals like lead,  arsenic and mercury (found in dental amalgam) — are toxic to the nervous system, in large doses,  there is no reliable evidence  * connecting them to ALS.   (there’s a bit more reference – not relevant)   and then. . “We still have a great deal more to learn about both cause and treatment of ALS

*  IMO the no reliable evidence is unconscionable.   When the professionals go near these substances, they wear masks and gloves and handle with great care.  These toxic substances, once secured in the teeth,  our oral biome is forever after subjected to this oozing influence and no matter how microscopic it is, the invasion into our systems remains, doing damage until deftly and expertly removed.   This is a tactic used over and over endlessly by neer-do-gooders, and continue to get by with it!  Why should they?   They aren’t being  pressed into admission of guilt.  Nor are they being held to standards to prove safety.    And the practice is still being used especially among children of the less fortunate.  How very sad.   Jan


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