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September 1, 2016

Can a Pol. shakeup work?

This Political Season

It’s a real bummer, that’s for sure.  I’m still torn up,. . .still vacillating.  But the ache has turned to raging disgust on all accounts.  IT AIN’T RIGHT!   I wonder if all those ‘smart heads’ in Washington actually know what they’re doing to the rest of us.  Most of us who  vote feel that we should study the issues,  carefully select the most suitable,  honest and ethical person available to us and head to the polls on voting day.  We love our country – want to do the right thing.  

This kinda makes me remember those early marriage years as Marty would smilingly and lovingly claim that he married me because I needed guidance.  He never came out and said flat out that I was an insipid idealist or gullible, but . . . is it possible that I’m such a late bloomer that I didn’t “grow-up” til age 87?. Can all really be this broken?

One  article I read from “Counterpunchhelped me to see some stuff more clearly which helps to rip the rose-colored glasses off a bit.  Not good or bad – just is.  But the end, emotional result is (for me) depressing.  There are serious things wrong which, if fixed, could maybe make Democracy work again like it should . .. with the voice of the people counting for something.  The link to it follows:              Jan


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Bernie Sanders ‘OR’ Revolution: a Statement or a Question?

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