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July 6, 2016

Where to go from here?

ME VENTING. . skip if you like

Dander rising in me!    Can’t just roll with it anymore.  At an impasse and feeling bankrupt  —  that  just won’t work for me.  No not money, not even part of the equation – – been livin’ okay within my means no matter how they are,  . . or compare with others. . . I make do.   I would say this is more about integrity, my own integrity and being able to live with myself. . .  .  .   that what I’ve said,  am in accord with and believe.    Its this political HELL we’re being put through.  How many knots are we as citizens  (who love our country)  expected to put ourselves into?  

I stated that I was going to hold my nose and just do it — vote!  Can’t do it.   Like Bernie, I’m not for sale.  If I were to vote for Hillary, it is tantamount to condoning, endorsing her. . . and I cannot,  will not do this.   It simply is not in me to betray so much of what I believe.   Now the mockery of all that has transpired this week relating to Hillary’s conduct as Secretary  under Obama has culminated so clearly  to prove just how “stacked” the entire  “race” actually was from first inkling to completion.  Didn’t matter what any of us mass-millions wanted;  the established power-structure had it all worked out with infinite detail.    Tho, I remain stunned by the emerging ‘sell-outs’,  including oval office and Justice, . . .  I see the “Clinton’s”as the major string – pullers.  It disgusts me that Hillary is already speaking about the expectations she has for BILL, the projects and fine tuning that he will handle once they are in the Whitehouse.  I’m not Okay with that!  It sickens me that so many, indeed, are conspicuously unconcerned about needs and minds of the American voters — from both parties.  

If our American life has become so  estranged to the original concepts of freedom and choice. . . has devolved into the ‘haves’ leading, deciding and choosing for the ‘have-nots’;   well, we are only kidding ourselves,  we are done already.  We are being forced to “get those shots” (even tho, we know they are maiming us);  we are being informed that Genetically Modified everything is okay – no difference,  food is food – all the same (even tho tons of farmers here and abroad are being injured, cheated and the animal and insect life forms are being destroyed and threatened toward extinction; and our human health is being daily decimated) . .  .  we are being  threatened and defiled for choosing other than standard medically-approved everything –why?  . . .because  to eat healthy, (old-fashioned) organic foods (without poisonous chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides) would keep us healthy as nature intended — but Horrors! — would deprive the medical profession and BIG PhRMA of all that money they are accustomed to having.  What would MONSANTO and  all the other chemical companies do if no one was buying their poisons?  What would life be like if all we had to do was just say NO?   Unimaginable. 

But here we are,  party is still going on and I’m saying – count me out.    Both parties have put forward an unacceptable candidate with truly negative numbers whom nobody wants, . . for many good reasons.  In both cases, the blame falls on the party itself – the leadership or lack thereof.  Never had a clue that D.W. Schultz was such good buddies with Obama.  I need a new party, I guess as the Democratic party has obstructed “progressive” aspirants in every way for years.  My vote won’t be missed, in fact — they probably wish I’d shut up!  Anyway, guess they’ve got that handled too.  

I keep suggesting I’m done with politics, but what does that mean when you love your country and grew up with FDR as your living, breathing hero? Bernie was a uniter and deeply wanted to improve the lives of the working class who have long been short-changed.  He wan’t in the plans, tho people really liked his message and trusted him, relating to his credibility and integrity.  We’ll never know if he could have clinched the nomination as he was maligned by the insiders at every step as an impossible choice, nice guy – but not going to happen.  Every trick was used including calling it over before major states had a chance to vote.  This was inappropriately called by major broadcasters. .  .  .   why?  . .guess, its just how stuff works now.  

So, to be clear,  I’m not voting for the first time since I started to vote.  Why should we have to choose which is worst Hillary or Donald?  Hard to say!

Thank you Barack, Debbie W. Schultz,  FBI Director James Comey, and even highly admired Loretta Lynch who feels she must defer her judgement.  All of you have had a major role to play in the outcome of our nation at this critical time when our world could sure use some ethical sanity.  Had any of you simply called the evidence as presented this week for what it is .  .  .   and is known to be,  it would have been the logical move to select another person — and that choice would have been a resounding BERNIE Sanders.  .  .  the choice of millions with a resounding, enthralled citizenry — ready to do its part and start moving forward to a better tomorrow.  Instead we have a demoralized, frustrated public, who I am hoping has much better ideas about what needs to be done now (than I do).

What with the European struggles and BREXIT.. . never-ending ISIS and its insane cruelty — is all this . . just because?. . . or the end times?. . .are we actually doing ourselves in?    With all pulling apart, where is the path to unity?  Has that as a goal become obsolete?   Passe?  Surely some recall what it’s like to BE for something instead of against everything.   Lets see,  fractious domination and hatred on one side. . .or. . .gentle caring, sharing and cooperation on another.   Seems one stands out as a lot more comfortable and desirous. . . feels better.  This wasn’t easy, but needed to vent,     Jan

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