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June 23, 2016

Ready? November’s coming

Okay, it’s VOTING SEASON, You and I are Needed!

Guess I really don’t know how my fellow Bernie-followers are doing right now because as I’ve opined recently,  the zest for this political season pretty well left me pulling the covers over my head.   Simply couldn’t take any more.  Can be kind of a dichotomy to keep the fire of patriotism and love of country going strong while being so disenchanted with the status quo.  When Bernie spoke he seemed to be reflecting the cries from my heart,  which was so fed up  with all the corruption in politics, and the refusal  of anybody in Washington to actually serve the needs of our own masses — our working people who have been falling further and further behind while the politicians and corporate structure got richer and richer.

I know Bernie wasn’t going to change the world, nor could he probably have realized ALL that he and we aspired to for all of us, but his was the voice which came closest to what our people really need, i. e. ..truth,  ethics and integrity  —  along with justice for everyone and responsible concern for how our people are faring regarding modern realities of education,  medical care that’s worth something and an equitable justice system. .  .  .  all of which have become ruined by the fact that our government leaders (federal and state) view all of them  as just another way to make money.  All of this must change or our country is done for.  Starting with ALL equal before the law — the privileged should not get off Scott-free because they can “buy” better outcomes,  nor should the wealthy get off TAX-free as they do now, allowing them to use all that excess wealth to make even more wealth for them. . . for that is a story which has no end and is hopelessly unfair.  A look at Bernie’s entire life revealed the sterling character of the man.  The character one desires for running  a nation.  But all gone now, and we all know why.  It was signed, sealed and delivered before the race even began.  Not just the Clintons – – it’s the whole thing.  The structure of the hugely established power base in our capital – – they’re NOT giving up their cushy jobs. . everybody wants to protect the status quo.  IT PAYS WELL.  

Okay, I’m not still hibernating,  nor did I lose all my marbles during my pity-party of grief.  Just stopped with the 24-7 TV shows.  I tape Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe on  MSNBC and have a couple of Favs @ CNN.  Now I just touch base a little. Not as if one actually has a choice!  Is it?

For me it is cut and dried.  (Tho, I used to consider myself a Republican).  I’m pretty well a Dem now.    So, it’ll have to be Hillary.  I take no joy  in this at all. I have admired all the women leaders our world has been smart enough to establish as leader.  We will do the same.  Hillary is smart, no one can deny that.  She’s tuff and gritty. I do not like her, nor am I pleased to put a check by her name as president. While she is NOT an overt liar, she is deceitful, not forthcoming and I don’t like her; she clearly feels entitled — a quality I dislike in anyone. In keeping with those thoughts, I also feel she is too hawkish, consequently. . . worry about where she might be taking us.  Hillary is who we have.  I’ll hold my nose and do it.

If one admires brilliance, ethics, integrity, humility and clear-headedness – – – there is no way in hell one could vote for TRUMP!. He is not an idiot, he just sounds like one.  He is rude, crude, vulgar, flat-out deceitful with full-on, recognized lies.  His ego is without bounds sad to say. . . as no one else will ever be a concern to the Donald.  He serves only his own needs with total disregard for all others.  He is actually,  a disgusting man.  He is not fit to be considered to run for president!  All the dumb, stupid things he blabbers on about are so “un-American”  > he could be charged with perhaps many and assorted character flaws.  .  .   a danger to our American way of life.  He is worse than crying “Fire” in a theatre!  He instigates turmoil, not healing cooperation.   Next, there’ll be riots!   Hillary should not lower herself to debate him.  It would be a sham.

But Trump has not destroyed the Republican party!  The Republicans did that to themselves over the last decade or so. And they all seemed to get a kick out of it when Trump emerged — whoopee! Had there been any true leaders left in the party, Trump couldn’t have happened.   Ryan is a decent man, surely if he put on his thinking cap, he could come up with a legitimate course to disqualify this man.  Look to ethics and morality for God’s sake . .the causes are obvious why he shouldn’t be the nominee. . . it shouldn’t be limited to an item written in some book a couple hundred years ago (like one must be 40 years old).  How about common sense?  Build a case — there’s enough evidence floating around now about his unsavory dealings and ripping people off.  Or you could just leave it alone, he’ll self-destruct as his diet of adoration wanes.  He can’t seem to take being ignored.     So who should we blame?  The big Media conglomerates – for sure.  They built this monster and they did it for free.  

This too,  shall pass.  We lost this race, but we can save the day.  Just remember to pay especial attention to all the down-line races open to be voted on.  Checkout the senators and congress-people running.  Question them- big time and tell them what you want.  Had one here in Ohio from the Cleveland area  – SITTENFELD.  Was so impressed with him. (like Bernie,only 40 years younger);  Democratic party wouldn’t allow him to even debate (but I’m not going into that again.  Except that, since they don’t support me and what I want, I refuse to support them.) I believe Bernie is going to be helpful on that score,. . . to help us move along in the right direction for the things WE WANT AND NEED.    Buck up, it’ll be over soon.    and all is NOT LOST!        Jan 


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