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June 17, 2016

What about “IRON”?

We need enough IRON, but not too much

Some don’t get enough ‘iron’ in their diets and therefore tend to anemia.  This can be problematic;  should be discovered by the one’s doctor and easily treated.  I was one such, but never treated for it.   Classic hormonal symptoms, among which were nearly bleeding-to-death every month during menses . . . never had the feeling that my docs believed me on this.  Eventually connected with a doctor/healer who directed me to eat some beets everyday and to NOT take iron in supplement form – useless, not what body needs.  So I did.  Had to find ways to tolerate them.  Was easier than I thought.  Bought canned julienned beets and added to daily salad.  Also learned how to make beet borscht which I totally love – still do.  So, in my case, because of what was going on in body (quite apart from my healthy eating habits),  there was a special need for more iron.  

Now, go  forward a few decades, when there is no more hormonal cycle to fret over. . . no more bleeding.    Donating blood at the RED CROSS not only helps save the lives of others, but releases whatever too-muchness one’s own blood may be dealing with.  Aging bodies can (seemingly) get thicker, slower and are frequently given Coumadin  (blood thinner),  and so on.  (I was for maybe a decade).  However I was a reluctant patient and hated taking rat-poison, so,  in time — I quit it.   Hopefully, any of us can grow, learn. . .wise-up.     Anyway, it’s a good thing to do..

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Even tho we all try to limit our exposure to gobs of email due to time factors, information-overload and so on,  I do like to receive well-thought out info from quite a few sources and Kamal Patel at is one such,  for they do it right, .  . in depth.   In this case, its about pots – big, CAST IRON pots and pans.   I have and use a regular size big cast iron pan which I’ve had forever and used to have a mini one as well, but must have lost or loaned it out.  They are convenient and almost indestructible. . . fairly cheap.  Years ago I used to cook with Descoware, I think it was called.  But there were many other companies who made this type of cookware,  too.  It is cast-iron base, but also enameled over the iron. (red – all colors).  So costly,  but divine to cook with.  Gave it all up when I travelled as these guys are HEAVY and would weigh a ton to transport.  But I’ve picked up a few here and there.  Admittedly, they area a nuisance to handle by aging wrists. But nothing else cooks as well as these lovely tools. Almost every thing one needs to know, you can find below:      enjoy,  Jan

Are cast iron pans unsafe?

With Teflon pans being used less and less, hefty cast iron seems to be the hot new thing … even though it’s also one of the oldest types of pans.

But just because cast iron is natural and has been used for eons, doesn’t mean it’s totally safe. We looked at all the available evidence behind potential risks, to give an alarmism-free perspective on cast iron safety. Whether you’re a cook or just like to eat, check out this in-depth review!

Click here to read the full article.

Kamal Patel, MBA MPH PhD(c)


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