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June 9, 2016

Medical RULE must STOP

Medicine CAN help, but also HARMS 

We are told  that Heart disease is the #1 killer of people currently; that medical error, thru one means or another is #2.  Imagine, between mistakes in medical practice  and/or pharmaceutical errors,  we suffer greater risk than from most diseases or personal activity.  

I’m not against science — heaven forbid!  Nothing but perpetual admiration for brilliance of mind and creativity whether it be functioning in the sciences, arts. . space, whatever.  Progress, advancement and betterment of life on our planet is better off with all of it.  Outcomes are important. And of course, Medicine at it’s core is an admirable thing. . . or was, when its motive was to relieve suffering and restore health to broken parts.

Few  would argue that the availability, use and quality of what most are experiencing under the name of medicine leaves much to be desired. I reject that most physical maladies are idiopathic (they don’t know what causes it). Thus falls under the subject of MEDICINE, is taught in very costly schools over many years — to most aspirants at great sacrifice.  So many years and so little understanding?  The focus now isn’t so much the physical/biological causation of malfunctions which occur, but instead, based on symptoms — which medicines one should prescribe to “handle the symptoms” without knowing cause. This results in becoming a captive ‘patient’ to an endless stream of medications.  All good for the business of medicine. For individuals such as me, this is unacceptable.  There are many alternative, extremely efficient practitioners among us who have schooled themselves beyond the usual 8 to 12 years in effort to learn “why” their patients don’t get well.  It is with these forward thinkers my attention lies.  So very many have been showcased here on “smokinchoices.”  From so many of these, I’ve learned how to help myself.  I do realize that not everyone is able or willing to do likewise.  We are all different as are our expectations  

Today, the working class can ill afford medicine; not the deductibles, the monthly fees or co-pays,  let alone the cost of medicine. This speaks to the shrunken middle class that can barely afford to live with stagnant wages (those who still have a job) and the rising cost of everything. How many?   Millions!   Not delving deep here — only touching with broad strokes on issues to make the point of how underserved the middle class is  with regard to medical care in the USA.  Essentially,  we can’t afford health care and most are doing without.  When you see a doctor, drugs  are given, which are chemical in nature (synthetic) and generally toxic, with side effects which further offend our over-burdened  body. Since cause is not known or treated, the issue is not resolved,  so we don’t get better.  Won’t drone further about our nutrient-lite foods, sterilized soils, etc.

My point is primarily that in our current times, few have a good chance at true health.  We don’t eat properly to actually nourish our body so that it CAN  be healthy  One needs a larger income to be able to buy “organic” food.  We need clearly defined, scientifically based evidence to make informed decisions about what to eat.  For years we’ve been told all the GMO’s and genetically engineered food-stuff they sell us is just the same- no difference. In last week or so  – a further declaration on the subject claiming all this is SAFE, no difference.  End  of story, so just put to bed all the grumbling.  Doctors are refusing to care for the children of families who refuse vaccinations,  so there is also the burden of being forced  to do  terrible things to our children — depriving them and our selves the expectation of normal, healthy, happy lives.  60 – 70 years ago one rarely ever heard of Autism and other dreadful neurological disorders..  40 – 50 years ago it was perhaps 1 in 10,000  children so affected.  With increasing vaccination of all types we now have horrific levels of autism occurrence of  1 in 45 in just 40 years according to some doctors records. How is it that educated minds can’t see disparity in these numbers?  Our gene pools haven’t failed us.  It is so evident that our toxic environment is altering the natural function of our perfectly designed bodies. Amalgam in teeth, toxic chemicals in vaccines; agricultural products, GMO seeds, toxic BIG PhRMA, chemicals in dental care products,cosmetics,  .  .  and on an on . . .and   on

It is criminal what is being done to our people in the name of medicine. Lives are ruined.  There is no recourse. As in the entire corporate world, money and power rule the day.  Establish rules and government regulation with what everyone knows is corruption.  Our rights as citizens  have been eroded for the so-called  “common-good”  which most of us would totally condone as a valid  principle. But this is not that!  This is the corporate structure dictating how and what should be done. . .rather like the  Nazi’s Gestapo and it is being done for profit without the benefit of proof of safety.  There has never been ANY proof.  But there has been much cover-up.   It’s pretty much the same picture with the pesticides, fungicides and other poisons used throughout the world – – in the name of science, progress through chemicals.  But we are destroying our world and our lives with  our ruined health and suffering.    The following is an article  which tells a fairly disturbing story, with a full description of how some of it has worked.  Please read it and be informed.   Its about all we have going for us. . .becoming informed.  (I’m still crying over Bernie, who couldn’t be bought.  That they would do that to him before all the states had a chance to vote – especially California.  if Bernie has lost- why vote?)  Jan  

This is from COUNTR PUNCH,   very well done


Pestiides, Birth Defects and Brain Damage in Children

The recent number of articles in the popular press concerning loss of intellect among children exposed to chlorpyrifos is important in the use of this pesticide. Although in-home use of chlorpyrifos was restricted in the U. S in 2000, it is widely used in agriculture, and is a serious risk to health and intellect for people working and living in proximity to fields. Detectable levels of chlorpyrifos detected in New York City children, raises the question of exposure via food. Across the U. S. we learn that students are doing poorly in school, often blaming the teachers and their unions. Are teachers no longer competent to teach or have……/pesticides-birth-defects-and-brain-damage-in- children/






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