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May 21, 2016

Which “Party” is worse?

Maybe I’ve let this season get me down

Who’d think one could get disillusioned @ 86 ?

While I grouse and flail at all that’s going on,  must confess that I feel rather traitorous in doing so. . .  that I lament so,  those who are running the party I’ve looked up to all my life! (starting with FDR whom I worshiped even as a child with little understanding of just how great he was, nor the signifiant role our country played on the world stage).  I didn’t know the word ‘politic’ as I knelt before the radio and listened to the voice of my president, his wondrous voice that so mesmerized me.  So very long ago.  How stuff changes.  

Over the years one is forced to deal with the so-called political thing because well, . . its our country.  Its what we’ve got,  and like it or not – we’e stuck with it.  We are suppose to be a part of it.  Our vote counts and so on.  But most realize that we seem powerless and now more than ever, we have realized that our votes count very little, because the political machinery– quite part from most of us,  decides these important issues.  Its a done deal–all wrapped up before a vote is even counted..  .  .    what is a person to do who wants to be a responsible citizen?  We listen to all those speeches;  most, just garbage, canned stuff and meaningless words,  or somehow they think it’s their  turn, etc.  

But then – get lucky and find someone who stands out as I did this year in Cleveland.  The Democratic party wouldn’t allow him to participate or  debate the ‘chosen candidate’ to oppose  Republican Senator Portman.   He had NO HELP from the Democratic Party — he was shunned in favor of  the 70-something Governor who lost to Kasich  in a landslide,  who had no new ideas and didn’t debate.  He had name recognition.  But Sittenfeld was a 40 year younger version of Bernie, bursting with vibrant, new ideas and paid his dues. I was very taken with him.   Stuff was set against him.  It isn’t politically correct to say that the system is rigged,  stacked!  Anyway, it ain’t workin’  to suit me.  I have always supported the party.  But no more.   Everyone knows  whats going on  —  The President, Michelle,  Biden and so many others whom I DO ADMIRE and like. . these have all written to me and begged for money to support the party and all the aspiring down-line recipients.  No More.  Have written back trying to explain my thinking and that as long as Shultz heads the Dems and calls the shots — I’m outta there. No more.  They don’t even acknowledge my words.  Screw em!

The Democratic party has always been the party of and for the people – average people who are the engines of this nation.  But its not that way anymore.  It a sad thing when  your own political party sinks to these abysmal lows; and your designated candidate takes more money from all the money sources (including Republican deep pockets),  its hard to know who runs a worse party agenda or uglier ethical platform.  

You can see,  I’m still a bit sick in the head from this season of politics.  I still support Bernie, for he is the only one I trust.  What he wants to achieve, change and accomplish is what our nation needs — what I need.  Berne’s dignity, ethic, , clear mind, purpose and uncomplicated, purposeful life says it all.  A family man with limited personal needs and lofty goals for all of us.  Jan

Democrats Can’t Unite Unless Wasserman Schultz Goes!

By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

To paraphrase the words of that Scottish master Robert Burns, the best laid plans of mice, men — and women — go often astray, or “gang aft agley,” as they say in the Highlands. No one knows this better than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Twice now, the flight of her presidential aspirations has been forced to circle the airport as other contenders put up an unexpected fight: In 2008, Barack Obama emerged to grab the Democratic nomination away and this year, although all signs point to her finally grabbing the brass ring, unexpected and powerful progressive resistance came from the mighty wind of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Certainly, Hillary Clinton is angered by all of this, but the one seemingly more aggrieved — if public comments and private actions are any indication — is Democratic National Committee chair and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Hillary surrogate who takes umbrage like ordinary folks pop their vitamins in the morning.



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