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May 21, 2016

Hard-to-believe MIGRAINE woe

I’m such a wuss with Pain

I know this isn’t the first time I’ve reported on help dealing with Migraines using EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE (EEM),  but its the first time that such a tale freaked me out.  Had this been my experience,  well, its just unimaginable — it wouldn’t have been. . . as I might have have sought a way to off myself.  Have never cottoned to pain.  It seems cruel and unjust.   Don’t believe ANY OF US ever ‘deserve’ pain for some action or lack of it.  Most of us aren’t born “all-wise,”   we don’t know everything, .  . what to do to solve ALL problems.  These are the things we must learn if we are to have the answers, which or course most of us can do if we choose.  So, to seek medical intervention for pain or other mysterious woes is just the thoughtful thing to do. . . which the sufferer of this article did.  For decades.  Nearly died trying.  This story defies logic or under-standing.  I thought childbirth was about the worst thing, but the baby at the conclusion offsets it entirely as nature intended.  

Don’t get the idea that I don’t understand what it is to have pain – – I used to get headaches, but not migraines  — my husband did.  Could do nothing for him. . even whispering  at him would cause pain.  He stood in a corner, hanging on to the bureau with blinds and draperies drawn. Said he couldn’t lay his head down – it hurt too much.  I never understood it or what to do for him.  They weren’t frequent, and he was generally stoic, self-contained.   Left alone, he could pull out of it.  Yes, he had a way about him.  They used to say we were a matched set, but he was in fact, smarter, more cerebral than me.  He was involved and efficient in the use of energy.  

Now, I wouldn’t avail the use of pharmaceuticals due to my understanding of the harm which is done to the body, so I have found natural options that work rather than add toxins – additional work for the body to deal with.  Not all octogenarians suffer with Arthritis,  but a lot of us do.  So to specifically address inflammation (which I have),  infuse the body with essential nutrients in order to confront and deal with its problems on its own (which I am also doing).  .  .  in my opinion, I’m doing pretty well.  Occasional obstacles and days when I feel as old as I actually am, so I take it easier.  I have Donna Eden’s books and tapes and am totally impressed with her message, manner and techniques.  What I’ve learned and applied is wonderful.   To get the most out of it, its best to have others to learn with and share, and practice on.  Many have learned this path without having to take the classes, but ya gotta have some one to do it with.  Had I been 20 years younger, I’d love to have taken her classes.  What she does and teaches is in a class all by itself and beyond any material value.  Read this story, its amazing.   Jan

Chronic Migraine Sufferer Gets Her Life Back Through EEM 

 Case History: By Diana Warren

Louise’s first migraine struck when she was in her twenties in graduate school. Having never had one, she had no idea what was happening. Her field of vision filled with stars, which was intriguing but worrisome. Then the pain hit. It was excruciating and frightening, unlike anything she’d ever felt. Then the vomiting began. She was in the school’s infirmary for a few days before the episode ended.

In her thirties, migraines struck occasionally, but in her forties, with a deteriorating marriage and three young children, her migraines worsened both in frequency and intensity. At this point she decided to see a neurologist, because over-the-counter remedies were useless, and being incapacitated as a single mother was not an option. It was the start of a dizzying, and unsuccessful, thirty-plus-year journey with Western medicine as well as several alternative medicine approaches.

She remained hopeful, but more desperate, as each new possibility failed, She tried everything she came across. Nothing worked. Her life eventually came to a standstill, held captive by almost daily attacks. . . . Until one day, out of the blue through a torrent of her tears, someone handed her a business card for Diana Warren, EEM-AP, and a new journey began that turned Louise’s life around. . . .

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