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May 7, 2016

Stuff Changes (two)

Jan Headshot         ‘S  All  GOOD

Stuff  Changes for sure.  And for my part,  . .  so glad it has.  For more than eight years now,  through “smokinchoices” I’ve been attempting to reveal to those willing to listen. . . what I continue to learn and profit from with regard to maximizing optimal health which then grants us the freedom to be able to do with  our body — that which makes us happy, gives us joy . . enables “choice.”

I actually don’t use my cookbooks anymore;  with my ‘changing  stuff’ I’m far more apt to be making shampoo, face cream, body butter,  or the couple of dental/health care items I make/use  (which incidentally have stopped the problems I was having the last time I saw a dentist 5 – 7 years ago.  Also, my teeth are whiter now and seem to be more sparkly, having remineralized. .  .  . which they say can’t be done, when you’ve brushed the enamel away – it’s gone!) (Ideas I picked up reading Nadine Artemis ingredient list on her magnificent dental care line sold through David Wolfe’s  operation).

Of course I still feed myself from the kitchen, but my needs foodwise are simpler even with distilling water and fermenting vegetables and juicing.  Eating more vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts and seeds and far less animal protein than I used to use. Tho I have given up bread,  I still splurge on a small frozen pepperoni  pizza every now and then and load it up with all my own seasonings, sauce,  spices and onion, garlic, mushrooms and whatever is there – maybe spinach or kale. So good.  The meat/fish thing is a question of economics.  My grass-fed, free-range or wild caught requirements limit my purchasing ability.  And don’t forget, I have rather a good sized chunk of my budget going out on therapeutic protocols I’m engaged in for my few chronic problems.

And speaking of my chronic problems,  (Alzheimer’s, arthritis, COPD, Heart disease and Hypertension) — well, maybe I’m not home-free, but I’m sure a heck of a lot better off now than I was when I stated this process.  Of course, it all started due to Thyroid problems.

By 20 I had a goiter.  Mother had had one too and her doctor had given her iodine; goiter went away  — 1930’s.  Said same thing happened with her mother — 19th century – her goiter went away. But when I tried for the same solution was told over and over “We don’t do that anymore,  it’s “passe”  But the goiter needed to come out. At 22, it was removed.  Was told there was nothing else needed to be done.  All Okay!  No, I didn’t need medicine,  my numbers were in normal limits.  Ya don’t even have to be 1/2 smart to see this isn’t logical.    Had ANY of the doctors listened to my complaints — almost a hormonal basket-case.  Debilitating periods — was almost bleeding to death monthly,  couldn’t get pregnant til I was just shy of 31.  But I kept asking for iodine until in my sixties, and then was told my thyroid was over-active, toxic and needed to come out.  I refused.   Nothing added up. It had been under-active for over 40 years and now was over-active and toxic?  Was coerced to accept either surgery or the radio-active treatment to kill it.  Surgery wasn’t an acceptable choice I was willing to abide so I took the radio-active iodine option.  Had to take a whole lot of it- 3 times, over 2 years.  First 20 millicuries, 6 months later, another 30 Mill. and 8 months later, another 30 millicuries.    With all that, my beloved gland would not die.  Had been so opposed to all this from the git-go, guess I was actually pulling for it.  That was in 1995.

Since then, I started using the internet and the world opened up to me. What a luxury. Had learned long ago about the prevalence of thyroid disease (iodine was once used in bread making) and is in fact, a hugely vital element the body NEEDS. . but is no longer getting!  So I started taking iodine once I knew I was able to help myself to this product I knew my body needed so desperately.   In the meantime, my heart had been beaten up so long from the thyroid malfunction that it enlarged, overworked, went into serious A-FIB, which a few doctors had addressed by symptom-manipulation and very expensive drugs prescribed only after a multi-day stay in the hospital which proved to them that it could work for you without (negative side-effects?) There was nothing about all of it that I liked or approved of.   When I lost doctors;  had insurance changes;  or as more drugs were being required.  .  .  I rebelled for the last time and walked away. No more! I could see down that  long, miserable path mother had taken — spreading out before me, and I wanted none of it.  She died with an Rx  load of 18 meds daily – which had been going on for years. Not for me, . . I could/would not accept it.

So my five chronic conditions were now unattended  (tho one could say six if we count the Thyroid gland which I still have and am grateful for).  It wasn’t easy and I was clueless.  As I have stated, my relationship to food has always been strong.  Can’t live without chocolate, love ice cream and had a mad passion for Sour-Dough Bread and had made it myself for long years.  See, I never regarded these items as “bad” or unacceptable, but wholesome, natural foodstuff. But in my  new NEED,  I had to learn much – quickly.  Several Cardio-centered books got me going as this was the most dominant urgency.  While Dr. Sinatra was the most prominent, recognized cardiologist with his renowned ‘Metabolic Cardiology’ (I liked it and it was helpful);  the one I connected with most profoundly was naturopath Dr Harry Elwardt and his book titled “Let’s Stop the #1 Killer of Americans today.”  It worked for me and was rather easy to follow.  Most of the supplemental regimen I was already doing and had been for some years.  But I had never thought of amino acids as useful outside the body building field.  The way Dr Harry explained it so thoroughly, I was hooked and jumped  right in.  His message centered around  ENERGY, a concept I understood, though I had been mocked by another doctor for saying this – she even wrote it in her medical report on me when I was hospitalized one time.  So here was a physician who kinda spoke my language.  I UNDERSTAND that the heart and the brain are hungry organs with huge energy needs.

As my learning process goes on (and hopefully – never dies),   things come along that are new to me or I never thought about before. The government’s fat theory was always off the mark in my book; never gave up fat or butter or ever used low-fat anything and tasted like crap.  As a health nut,  seems I always knew about enzymes and low heat cooking methods.  Avoiding toxins anywhere they are (if possible).  Never been a germaphobe, think dirt is great and kids allowed to grow amongst pets, few weeds and the big germy outdoors grow up healthier.  I had chicken-pox, measles 3 times, scars from my adventures, but never broke a bone. (so I am positively agin vaccinations of any ilk).  When the case was presented on gluten products as a major causative factor in many diseases, but especially Alzheimer’s — calling it diabetes 3, bread was scratched from my “acceptable food list”  My pizza thing isn’t a habit, just a rebellious occasional indulgence.  Am just a faulty mortal who ‘sins’ now and then.  (willfully)

Without a car, I obviously, buy everything online.  Powder City is my number 1, but by now, I must have more than 20 (excellent) sources of various powders, minerals, etc that I use concocting my stuff. Among some  of the best are Bulk Supplements and  Hard Rhino. and with careful scheduling- free shipping.  I have to buy my Coconut oil by the gallon, and the best price for organic, unrefined is with J.Edwards Int’l  (  Still crazy about Cacao and possibly the worlds most gorgeous, exciting is with WILDERNESS FAMILY NATURALS, where I buy it by the 5# bag.  Its the richest, most fragrant I ever tasted or smelled, and it’s FERMENTED.  This stuff is such a health enricher, high in many minerals – especially Magnesium. So this stuff is totally guilt-free.  Put a couple of  heaping Tbsp in morning shake along with hemp seed, pea protein powder, banana, Frozen Blueberries and a hand-full of other things like 1/4 tsp NAC (anti-inflammatory and anti pain),  1/4 tsp ALA and  of course a BIG dollop of Coconut oil, and so on.  I have posted on much of the protocols as I developed them and experienced the improvements I was achieving.

I am satisfied that I have had a general overall improvement in my health.  My blood pressure is now in normal range.  My COPD can’t be heard by a fully trained practitioner who spent a bit if time checking it out.  I am not willing to return to a hospital to have it verified — why would I?  What for?  I’m breathing better and easier. .that’ll do it for me.   Heart doesn’t go into those kinda scary racing modes it used to, nor does the A-Fib disturb me at night in bed as it used to.  I believe it it is still in fibrillation, but so much better now.  My  energy level is better on every front. Hope to do a bit of gardening when the rain allows.   I know for a fact that the LIPOSOME-ENCAPSULATED Vitamin-C is responsible for much of recent improvement. (Post 2-29-16). And for the last 2 weeks, I’ve also been joining the Lipo-C with Lipo-GSH (Glutathione)  Can do own online research,  but Glutathione is the body’s master demon-chaser, par-excellence. Seeking help with brain and eyes mostly. Low levels of GSH is what ignites all the cataract and macular-degeneration woes elders face as we age.  Since it starts its decline during our 20’s, halved by age 50 – 60,  there’s practically nothing left of it by 80.

But just like with the story on C,  Glutathione also has little chance of being useful to our bodies when ingested orally.  It is broken down in the digestive process and hardly any  makes it to where it is needed.  Injections are very costly, up to $1K and needed in an ongoing basis. Tho one can buy glutathione in one form or another, it is practically a waste of money.  To be able to do this DIY at home at a fraction of the cost is such a boon.  A couple of friends or families could  get together and split the cost of  original investment; I paid $70 on my Ultrasonic unit, under $15 for Lecithin (Sunflower – not soy), maybe $22 – $26 on a liter of Ascorbic Acid (C)  and $60 for Glutathione, 100 g/less than 4 ounces — should last a few months with family using it.  If any want to give it a go and don’t want to wade thru all the stuff on youtube to determine “how to”,  I’ve already said, I’ll be glad to explain what I’ve learned where interest is shown.

Just so we’re clear — I no longer gorge on Sour dough bread (tho I love it),  ditto with rich creamy ice cream, I’m settling for my own yogurt now; but Learning Herbs offered a recipe on making own chocolate candy with just the exotic rich cacao and cacao butter, plus maca, cinnamon and dollop of honey.  Thinking about giving it a go.  (SEE BELOW)  Hey, what we do for love .. . (of body)           Jan

Homemade Chocolate


130 grams of cacao butter
70 grams of raw cacao powder
15 grams maca root powder
5 grams cinnamon powder
Honey to taste (I use a dollop from a tablespoon)
2 – 3 tablespoons of cacao nibs
Silicon molds (ice cube trays may also work)

1. Place a small amount of cacao nibs (roasted) in the molds

2. Cut the cacao butter into small chunks.

3. Melt the cacao butter over a double boiler.

4. Once the cacao butter has melted entirely, add the cacao powder and herbal powders. Stir well.

5. Add the honey. Stir well.

6. Pour into molds that have been sprinkled with cacao nibs and let harden. This takes a few hours at room temperature.

The Creative Herbalist

bars I’ve ever bought. Even better is that I can omit ingredients like soy lecithin (which many chocolate bars contain) and control the amount of sugar that goes into the mix as well.

You can bet it didn’t take me long before I realized I could add herbs to my new chocolate-making obsession as well.

The Herbs in this Recipe

For this recipe I used maca powder and cinnamon powder.


Chocolate and cinnamon just beg to be combined. I could go on and on about the health bene ts of cinnamon, but forget that and just savor the complex combination of the sweet spicy taste of cinnamon against the rich slightly bitter taste of cacao. Yum!

But really, the herbal possibilities are endless and I’ve only just begun to explore them. Rose petal powder, orange powder, hawthorne powder, mint, little bits of lavender I’ve also minced up nuts and goji berries for this mix as well. Yummy!

Maca is a root that comes from South America. It’s essentially a turnip or a nutrient- dense root. It’s heavily marketed in the natural health industry for its aphrodisiac qualities and its ability to promote fertility. Honestly, to get the most bene t from maca you would take it in much higher dosages. However, its sweet taste works well in this recipe.



  1. My goodness girl, you are gorgeous. Don’t look a minute over 50.

    Comment by Mary — May 7, 2016 @ 7:16 pm | Reply

    • Mary, thank you so much. . you are being most generous. Something I wanted to touch on in this post has to do with the bread thing. I REALLY do love sour-dough bread. Very hard to stop that kind of thing when you’ve grown up thinking it “good for you” But the evidence is overwhelming. I probably put on 10 pounds in my 40’s or 50’s. .then another 10 in my 60’s and climbing upward towards 170. Don’t cotton to diets – never did. And of course, my thinking was that I eat well, mostly wholesome, correct foods.

      Nevertheless, I did it. Nothing else different and more than thirty pounds just fell off me, over time. Excess weight is not only harmful, but it seems to add years to our appearance. Anyway, that probably accounts for what you may be noticing. Whatever, – I appreciate that you are so kind to say this. Thanks dear lady, much affection Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — May 7, 2016 @ 7:45 pm | Reply

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