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April 25, 2016


My last word on Delegates, super or otherwise

Okay, I’ve turned off my TV;   my soul needs soothing and I must be selective, allowing only those shows I normally view for entertainment.  No more bombardment of the endless hammering away.  .  .  eroding any chance for serenity.  The Clinton “FIX” is in and has been in place right along and I was too dumb to see it.   I can’t change it.   But, I can’t accept it either.  .  .  because its ‘my country’ and I’m grieving for it.  

 Here are two excerpts from the following article from MOYERS and Company: 

  • But like so many of those rules, superdelegates symbolize something that has to go: the entrenched, inside-the-Beltway embrace of power and influence by the Democratic illuminati that does little for the poor and middle class and everything for the one percent that writes the big checks.
  • And in late February, Jeff Naft at ABC News reported, “… When you remove elected officials from the superdelegate pool, at least one in seven of the rest are former or current lobbyists registered on the federal and state level, according to lobbying disclosure records. That’s at least 67 lobbyists who will attend the convention as superdelegates.” A majority of that 67 say they’re supporting Hillary Clinton.

But I will vote for Bernie to honor his effort and the hope I had for us all.     Jan

A Bird, A Plane? No, It’s Superdelegates!

by Michael Winship

One of the more troubling aspects of the Democrats and their nomination process is something we touched upon in last week’s piece: the 712 or so “superdelegates,” about 15 percent of the total (and 30 percent of the majority needed to win the nomination) who will cast ballots at the July convention in Philadelphia. They include President Obama and Vice President Biden, 239 Democratic members of the House and Senate, 21 sitting governors, 437 Democratic National Committeemen and women, and a category referred to as “distinguished party leaders” – former presidents and veeps, ex-congressional leaders and erstwhile presidential nominees.




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