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April 5, 2016

Rid Shingles and its “Pain”

There is Help to reverse Shingles

Haven’t forgotten you my friends, just been really busy with my newest interest –  Liposome-Encapsulated vitamin-C.  Guess I  introduced you all to this February 29, 2016. It had taken me weeks to research, shop around (online), make my purchases, experiment and so on.  This is so much FUN! I do so wish more could realize the satisfaction of intelligent self-care.  Once I really got into the LIPO-C thing, I knew I was going to do it – and I’m loving it. I have five  (so-called maladies —  or less than perfect/ideal  body functions),  a few of which I hope to correct or lessen.  I do intend to make this for as long as I continue to occupy space on the planet.    Why?  Because in less than two weeks, I am feeling so much better.   I can tell my COPD is still an issue, but in fact,  I am breathing so much easier now,  more deeply and fuller.   Amazing.  Oxygenation is so vital to our well-being and every cell in our body, so this is very important. . . and I’m  grateful. Tho there is still much more to be done for complete return to normalcy,  this is good.   Energy has improved. . able to accomplish a bit more these days, which is great.    Actually think my heart is responding too;  have returned to multi-positional sleeping patterns of yesteryear wherein I seem to roll allover the bed however I wanted. (my enlarged heart afflicted with A-Fib for perhaps 10 -12 years now, has prevented this delicious night-time freedom. . .  as it seemed to thump too hard and loud if I should lie on my left side.)  Yes, this is progress.  Additionally,  and this is important — I’m feeling GOOD!  Keep noticing, I’m  having no pain any where.  All I’ve added is the Liposomal – Encapsulated Vitamin C.  

I started off with an ounce or so of the Lipo-C twice a day.  But decided, going for a break-thru, why fool around– so upped it to 3 X day and upped to  2 oz, 3 X a day. One ounce is equal to about  7-8 gr. . so I’ve been getting about 90 or so grams daily. . .why wouldn’t I FEEL GOOD?  Ya can’t do that with any routine type of C on the market.  The Lipo-C I’m making (anyone can) is more efficient than equivalent IV C injected by doctors – they say, up to 6 to 8 times more powerful. Mine is organic, no SOY (almost exclusively GMO and has hormonal negatives – won’t touch soy!).  Just use Sunflower Lecithin,  C crystals (powder) and distilled water.  And of course, the Ultrasonic machine for the sound waves to encapsulate the C into the Lecithin  Be glad to share what I do and how, if interest is there. Mean while  I’ve been a bit busy as make for family and a friend or two as well.  

I mention all this to bring it down to its relative simplicity.  This is an easy project to learn and do.  Once you buy a machine, the cost factors are minimal.  Again, will discuss further if it is desired.  They are eliminating cancer, Alzheimer’s disease , cardio and pulmonary – – in fact, all modern, chronic afflictions known to us. I’m giving a link to Dr Levy who has popularized this recently.  I believe he has earned an eternal place in paradise for all the potential help to our suffering masses which this represents.  He didn’t discover this, but has brought it to the worlds attention clearly and rapidly.  He does not however, discuss the how-to’s of doing it yourself.  This may or may not be somehow tied to his becoming aligned with a company which is making a commercial brand of Lipo-C — who am I to judge? Even so, I have spent weeks delving into this and many intelligent people are out there online and on Youtube teaching, extolling and showing us DIY’s How to. Even now, I continue to find exciting new slants on this whole subject.  I have found at least a handful of educated, medical oriented and creative people to learn from who have expanded my understanding on this matter and encouraged me to strive onward;  so I’m gonna do Glutathione next. . brain stuff and autism, etc., actually, can hardly wait.

I’de like to mention an experience I had relevant to Shingles going back 40- 50 years,  hence those involved are long gone.  Had a friend, aging, but still vital and enormously gracious and lovely – was a retired actress named Beulah Bondi.  To know her was to love her.   One time as I greeted her, I wrapped my arms around her small torso for an affectionate embrace.  But it was immediately clear I had hurt her somehow.  Gentle woman that she was,  seemed more concerned for my feelings than her injury as she explained that she was having an outbreak of shingles at the time. . .not to worry.  Our mutual friend later explained that she had suffered with this for years and there was no relief to be had for her.   I saw the pain in her, tho she was a disciplined, talented actress.  A pitiful condition.  Well, there is something one can do about shingles now.   And anybody can fix this problem for his/her self.   Checkout Dr Levy’s link, many categories under discussion there;  just follow down the column for other conditions.              Jan


October 2, 2013 | Reverse shingles with vitamin C


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