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March 8, 2016

Know how to lose moles?

Rid Moles,  simply, quick, easy to do – cheap

As luck would have it, I have rid my face of one flat but too-large mole near one eyebrow and am working on a normal (I guess) regular mole just above the other eyebrow.  I noticed a difference from the first day and only took less than a week to do.  One needs tiny cotton balls, Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and some means of keeping it on the mole for 20 to 30 minutes.  I didn’t have any adhesive tape (like in a bandage), so I used a small strip of scotch tape.   I did this twice a day as I read was okay, though, only once a day was needed.  I have a lot of moles (or freckles) all over my torso.  My husband and I would count our moles to see who had the most (when we were newlyweds).  They never bothered me esthetically, physically or in any way.    But I don’t like them on my face.  Perhaps 10 or so years ago, I had one removed from my upper cheek area which had grown a sort of tag on it and that did bother me.  My doctor whom I DID like quite well and trusted did it, right in his office;  boom, boom and it was gently sedated and then was gone.  No pain – no problem.   Most any other doctor would have insisted on sending you to another specialist for dermatology surgery.  I was delighted.  Unfortunately, this was my last physician who chose to become a concierge doctor with a sizable up-front fee to join his new practice.  In just a few years, so much has changed with what we can expect from medicine now (and afford).   So we must adjust, go crazy with frustration and resentment, do without or in my case — become more self-sufficient.  I am all for DIY stuff.

Not going go into a full description of how to, just wanted to skip lightly over this to inform you of a process which is available to you, if you might choose to try it.  I have and am very pleased. It is just as described by the author of the process as I have learned it.  And would also like to recommend this wonderful, quite handsome person as a reference you might come to value as well.  His name is TODD CALDECOTT, Dip. CI,H PH (AHG)  ayurveda  ~  herbal medicine  ~  nutrition.  Just go to  and scroll down  his long list of articles on the right side to  Moles and apple cider vinegar,   click on that and you’ve got the whole message – photos and all in color.

When you read his list of topics, probably, you will find him as valuable and insightful/knowledgeable as I do.  I signed up for his letter because I like the way he thinks and conducts his practice.  This is a lucky find.  Hope you will enjoy.    Jan


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