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March 1, 2016

Eat good FAT, look like Donal

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Have I changed?, you bet!

Since Donal came out with his CEREAL KILLERS and shared it with us, I haven’t been the same since.  after that – RUN ON FAT.  It’s the whole concept of what he did, set out to do which is reset the way his body had been programmed (thru genetics) to have all these healthy athletic men in his family develop heart disease and diabetes, all while being highly ‘clean’ in dietary habits and activities.  Did the “carb loading” all competitive athletes do. . .   Well this smart young man not only did it, but has almost changed the way ALL athletes now see things.  Whole lot of shakin’ going on.   I’m no athlete,  farthest from it, but he improved my life as I have included much what he has shared with us already.  

Now, this post is unlike any I have done on Donal before.   This one is HUGE – – wait til you get inside.  For the sports people and athletes. .  you’re gonna love it.  But for the rest of us who just want to be and look the best we can, we can learn and absorb from this and truly benefit.  (Since  I’ve learned to really gorge on FATS, I’ve dropped nearly 40 pounds and I wasn’t even trying.  . . except for giving up bread.)  I now indulge all I want with nuts, avocados, eggs (never gave up butter, olive oil or of course coconut oil)  No longer do fish (pollution reasons),  and my limited budget curtails the quantity of grass-fed beef I buy.  Donal beats me on every  level.  He eats far more greens than I do and I ingest a lot of them..  Don’t have to tell you to enjoy. . .know you will.      Jan



The “Great 8” Fatty Foods

Hi –

When we shot Cereal Killers a few years back my diet was based on “The Great 8” Fatty Foods (it still is).

Consumed habitually, these foods will help you tip the needle towards fat adaptation – for health and performance.

Check out that list of foods here and leave a comment if you have a question.

Have a geat week.

Don’t Fear Fat!



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