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February 29, 2016

Liposomal encapsulated Vit-C

Vitamin-C, amazing uses

Throughout my lifetime, I have instinctually known that vitamin C was a winner and was drawn to all kinds of citrus.  In fighting most of my passing afflictions, I generally used a higher dosage of whatever form of  “C”  I was into at the  time along with other notables such as Oregano, colloidal silver and so on.  It’s an individual thing; we find what works and we do it.   Was very pleased when Linus Pauling pronounced vitamin C to be so amazing, fully documented with evidence for the efficacy of this ordinary, natural tool to handle many thorny, difficult and ongoing problems that we STILL suffer with today (on an escalating basis).  All those decades ago, didn’t give it much more than casual attention, and felt a bit of obscure justification. . .kinda like – see, I’m not such a dingbat with my natural preferences.  

Had no idea what a battle he endured to bring this marvelous info forward, nor how he was rebuffed by the medical community.  Medical schools don’t study vitamins and  minerals;  their study is the much more sophisticated (and expensive) pharmaceuticals.  I could never win a point in any discussion with one of my best friend’s husband (who was deeply science-oriented).  He opined that science was fully capable of taking any substance into the lab, analyze, then duplicate it;  that the so-called natural stuff I preferred (and paid more for) was just hype.  As a Bible-thumper at the time, I countered with the concept that we are told there is an herb for every ill with which humanity can suffer, and that earth’s flora contained that magic,. . .the living earth essence — (not the same as to  be found in the laboratory).  None of it mattered, I came off looking very naive or worse.  But I learned early on,  one shouldn’t attempt in-depth logic with those whose minds are so educated as to become fixed, or closed.   Open feels better and can be fun.

Recently, I’ve been digging into  history around the subject of Vitamin C which actually goes back more than a century and with some highly respected doctors and researchers.  All suffered the slings and arrows of the entrenched establishment who seem to regard this as some kind of viral assault against them instead of genuinely helping suffering people;   but don’t worry, I’m sure it’s only a financial thing — not being deaf, dumb and blind.  To make it through med school. . .can’t be that!    All this came to me by way of an excerpt being given of a book called PRIMAL PANACEA written by Dr. Thomas E, Levy who is a cardiologist, author of many books and believe it or not, also took on the task of becoming an attorney in order to offset the legal bullying which accompanies most physicians who dare step outside those entrenchment lines of medical-orthodoxy. . He’s a really smart, likable man.  A Hero!    

 This AMAZING type of C

Like me, probably many of you understand that we can only do ourselves a limited good with  “C,”  due to what is known as bowel-tolerance.  I can take up to 2,000 units of C at a time, several times daily if tackling a problem and maybe reach 8 to 10 thousand a day.  But can’t do more without being glued to the toilet. Not good.  Ya can’t get rid of COPD, Cancer, Shingles, or a thousand other things they are doing  with it now, tho, not in the present form we are using.  The new kid on the block is in the form of LIPOSOME ENCAPSULATED  C in any dosages needed of a few grams each or doubled, tripled or high as needed up into really big numbers.  Serious illness can yield in just days, with an ‘easing’  response  right away.  So What is this?  Still C, but but all dressed up in a different garment which allows it access into the body – fully protected with a Liposomal delivery system using a molecular coating so that it can survive til it gets where its going.  The way I’m describing it seems like a nursery rhyme or joke.  I’d prefer you hear it from those who are actually doing this. It’s all over Youtube with many knowledgable people  (and some kinda dorky).  It is being discussed, and even made before your eyes by all kinds of people.  I’ve watched many of them.  Looks great to me.  Been all over youtube with the how-tos and eBay for buying a quality stainless steel Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, hopefully 60 +   watts with 2 Liter capacity.  I plan to make a lot and share.  My husband died pretty young with brain cancer;  couldn’t handle the chemo. Didn’t have to be.  My  Alzheimer’s-burdened mother died with sepsis so high I was stunned.  How cruel – for all that that meant.  A truly High dose C can be a clinical miracle, but  the limitation of absorbability orally has  prevented ordinary (non-medical) people to help themselves adequately.  Now, we CAN properly protect ourselves with this miracle because of LIPOSOMAL-ENCAPSULATED VITAMIN C therapy.    

DIY is fairly easy

We can DIY at home using non GMO products bought online three ingredients;  distilled water,  a vitamin C such as ascorbic acid or acerola powder, etc.,.  and lecithin-based fat such as sunflower oil. The processing involves a simple Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.  These come in various wattages, strengths and size capacity and pricing from $30 to $100 +.  I am looking for 50 to 60 watt, 1 1/2 to 2 liters, stainless steel with time and heat controls (tho no heat is needed for this). Some of the videos are quite good for how-to.

        How to make Liposomal encapsulated Vitamin C at home! – Duration: 8:13. Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef 93,527 views 



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