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February 2, 2016

Herpes help, part 2 / brain, heart

Not Really “diner-table” Conversation

For those who HAVE found the previous post, good for you. . .for those who haven’t, please see the following link for a little catch-up, if you choose.  


This post isn’t to refute  or alter the prior post, but to add to it.   The article as shown was in my mind, good and useful.   I personally feel quite comfortable with the Colloidal Silver as the ultimate be all, end all for so many body woes.  After going back and re-reading the post today, I questioned why I had never thought to combine my dependable ‘silver’ with a small amount of Vitamin C crystals (or powder) into a mushy paste and dab that on.  Lets face it, its a bit of a stretch to expect a few drops to hang around very long.    Now if it  ever comes back – I’ll  know what to do.   Above all, we want to avoid anything toxic — our body has enough to handle without additional  chemical burdens.   So in my mind,  none of those RX meds would cut it for me.   The cost is  shameful, the benefit iffy and not so reliable for the need, and it is an endless, repeating cycle.  My M.O. is always – try to determine  the cause area.  Can we blame  immunity?  


As it happens, our immune system appears to be unable to protect us in cases like this.  So it’s the IMMUNE SYSTEM’s  fault?   Not really.   How well could any of us perform with  our hands tied behind our backs?   That is what our modern, quick-fix,  . . . a pill for every malady (medical-care system) is doing to us, and it primarily  concentrates on treating symptoms —  finding most illness to be idiopathic (cause unknown).  .  .  . so on and on it goes.  If you think about it,  most have spent their lives taking anti-biotics for one thing or another.  Each hit puts a further and bigger ding upon our struggling immune system.   This is NOT what is needed. Anti = against,    Biotic = our inner state (Biome)  It needs to be restored, not in any way harmed – IT IS OUR PROTECTION.  So, protect it, we must!   The next link is an article (from The Vaccine Reaction) on this subject of our body’s natural ability to maintain  homeostasis which is necessary for self preservation. You may enjoy it.


It would be wise to find a physician in the  so-called alternative medicine classification,  holistic doctors, sometimes called ‘functional’ medicine doctors.  If ya wanna make it better, ya gotta find out what’s causing it! And this isn’t too hard.  (Simplistically),  our health starts in our gut.  That intestinal flora is damned-near everything.  We owe it to our body to do EVERYTHING we can to ensure that we can have a strong immune system.  That is why I started years ago with the fermented veggies (not that I had tasted, loved them and then wanted them).  If you have read my recipe put up years ago (several times), I could barely swallow the stuff when I first tasted it. . .kinda nasty.  But I went thru all that mincing and chopping + time  for the benefit of my body and health — wasn’t going to let the crappy taste deter my efforts.  By the time I heard back from my mentor (who admitted to the same experience),  my determined effort had paid off.   I kept at it, a spoonful or two with meals a couple times daily and the next thing I knew, it was OK, then  quite agreeable, which fairly quickly turned to enjoying them –  1/4 C up to 1/2 C. (I variously used a lot of cabbage – both red and green,  carrots, onions, garlic, sometimes hot peppers covered with a  celery brine)  You can ferment darned near anything- you choose.   There is no better, cheaper or more more effective way to heal the gut and make it sparkle.*  There is no other way to give the body the B vitamins it so sorely needs for everything it does,  including carrying all that protein everyone is so hung up on through the system and into the cells.  So, ferment!  Cheap, fast – gets and then maintains robust ability to stave off almost anything.  That would be #1.   Eat cleanest food can afford to buy (organic),  Cook in (lowest heat) way to preserve as many enzymes as possible.  Steam and roast where can.  Do your best to consume more fruits and vegetables.   Do your best to observe some combinations which don’t offend your body (food combining)  Carbs okay with all fruit and veggies;  animal protein Okay with all fruit and veggies  MEAT and STARCHES – – NO NO!   (so much more to it, but essentially, do this and you’ll feel better and fart less)  One’s healthy digestive system is able to digest anything – usually, UNLESS it is being forced to try to do the impossible – digest one food which needs acid A and the the wrong (other) food which requires acid B  They can’t happen at same time,  resulting in food arriving in gut UNDIGESTED . . then on to putrefy, unable to process naturally (nourish the body).  Such a simple thing — but who will listen?  and do it?   Don’t think you’ll get this from your doc. It’ll probably be some prescriptive medicine   and no-one knows why  such things happen.      

* There are some of course, who are so miserably out-of-kilter in either stomach or intestinal track that their bodies won’t permit them to indulge even in this healing food — and in fact will need specialized help.   At times like this, it would be helpful to ingest a very limited dietary regime to allow the body to heal. . .such as juicing with healing herbs, greens and grasses.   Parsley, cilantro, dandelion greens, spinach and/or kale  along with carrots and maybe an apple or two to help  it taste really good. (all greens can taste bitter)   If can tolerate,  perhaps some goat kefir. . .or try that yogurt recipe from last week or so.  Boiled eggs,  custard, add in a spoon of fermented kraut (the cabbage concoction) when can.  Must keep the energy level up so the  body has a reason to heal.  Life can  be beautiful and joyous, but can be hard to do when hurting and depressed.  Donna Gates site is wonderful and she is very committed.  Her specialized herbs and concoctions have turned the life around for many, even those little autistically afflicted  angels who never did one thing wrong.  She is very knowledgable in digestive disorders.  


Aside from the SAD (Standard American Diet) of fast foods, soda pops, and packaged anything which collectively contributes little by way of real nutrition, but highly in empty calories, we suffer hugely with unnecessary diseases and conditions such as obesity, heart disease,  inflammatory conditions at the base of so many other illnesses, and the general weakening of most inner organs due to ongoing malnutrition.   We over-consume with  sugar and grains, especially gluten  which combined can lead to diabetes,  and alzheimer’s disease in a similar causation manner as smoking/nicotine leads to lung cancer.  In 1948 when I started, this wasn’t known, but a decade later it was known.  I was hooked then and had no desire to quit,. . . but I worried, and saw friends die who begged me to quit.  So I know that pain and struggle.   Just trying to show that some of what we are and have been doing to our bodies, we do out of ignorance.  But at some point, we are forced to realize that we are, in fact responsible for ourselves through our choices and actions.  So I learned.  I quit 20 out of the 40 year span, finally completing it in 1993 when I knew I was done.  It was over, I was happy and relieved. (you know, my slow learning curve)  With that history,  do you think I have the right to point fingers at others who also struggle over some dumb dietary or habit thing?  We are all human and know the meaning of struggle.  

The struggles many endure through no fault of their own remains something I can’t abide and one of the reason I have continued to make the effort to keep “smokinchoices” alive and running.  Think we all know, I should hang it up,  but here I am goin’ on like I’v got all the time in the world ahead of me. And what I’v got to say is relevant and might matter to someone.  . .so just keep truckin’ down the road. .

So about those deficiencies:  primarily it’s Vitamin D3 and Magnesium.  These are MAJOR, without which one will have big problems.  Each contributes massively to our well being.  I have spoken on this so much that I shy away from repetition.  So please either check one of my prior posts (if search engine still works), try googling it or go to POWDER CITY or BULK SUPPLEMENTS (both online suppliers I use and frequent.  They have fabulous info sheets of product use and properties)  On the D3,  I went into quite a bit of detail on the post linked to above, so you can check that.  I’d like to add however, that for all of my life prior to learning about the importance of D3, I was prone to getting colds, flu,  and pneumonia. . never knew why.. . just the fates?  Then, in my 70’s, found to have a score of 13 when I asked for a test.  Just history now – don’t get that stuff anymore.  Worth more that ‘gold’  I’ll tell you.  If I ran the Zoo, I’d add IODINE  and the B VITAMINS to the list as well.  Hardly anyone is getting enough.  Yet when body requirements aren’t met   Iodine is is overlooked and rarely correctly interpreted, leaving one open to all kinds of hormonal and metabolic disturbances e.g. . . fertility problems, fibromyalgia, strange emotional difficulties, as well as problems  with the thyroid gland per se (hypo, hyper, etc.) .  For some years I’ve been sending away for Lugol’s solution and taking the drops in water daily and functioning quite well.  These days I’m taking an iodine preparation from “” to be found online.  Absolutely brilliant young man who does it all, no fancy labels, bells or whistles — just smarts. and XLNT price factors which is a blessing to me.  He has the usual 7%, 15% and a whopping 75% for those in big need (I guess) Iodoral and others are the usual 7% + 5% iodide = 12% (which I used to take) I suggest and recommend a full-on look-see at his site especially if budget matters are important to you.  

A word about the B Vitamins:  oral dosage is all but useless.  It has a very swift shelf life so by  the time it gets to where you need it, it has dissipated to almost zero.  Many get the shots – but that entails so much more cost and scheduling.  Only way really is to take sublingual drops  or spray (under the tongue), hold there for 15 to  30 seconds – then swallow.  Usually fruit flavored, so tastes pretty good. Can get just the B-12 or B-Complex.  Try to take at least 2000mg (dropper-full)  twice a day and you may be able to bring your levels up to where they should be.  There is still loss even tho they say it is totally  bio-available — which is why  it is recommended to take far more than you need. .  .  .   Or you could just do the fermented veggie thing – – that works for real.  

ABOUT THAT ARGININE  (mentioned in first post)

Now a point I wanted to make is about L-Arginine.  Dr John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council is a wonderful man whom I totally admire, so I don’t want this to sound like a criticism of him in any way.  I simply wish to offer my own experience for consideration with regard to this amino acid.  As most of you know,  I am treating my own  heart problems, COPD,  arthritis,   Alzheimer’s and HBP, etc.,. since I haven’t seen doctors in a few years.   It’s a full time job.    Everything I consume is coming out of my own kitchen from my hands;  the pure, raw materials I buy online at so many excellent suppliers like Pure Bulk,  Bulk Supplements,  PowderCity,  Hard Rhino,  JEdwards,Int’l, and a new favorite  So while I make all my own body, face and hand creams, dental care, shampoo (and latest – organic Vick’s mentholated cream/who wants to put petroleum-based oil onto one’s body or into the nose?)  I Distill my own water, make my colloidal silver, etc.   Do all my cooking;  plants and pooch are doing fine,  Im doing Okay, but understandably, have less time for my blog, which I still love – straggly tho it may seem these days.  Haven’t seen a doctor in perhaps 5 years. The  good ones keep getting away from me.  One went to Lima Ohio and the last one went into concierge practice with a sizable up-front fee.  Both good men whom I miss  and trusted.  Hasn’t hurt me, tho it’s not for everyone, to be sure. Its made me stretch and grow.  

My basic cardio-protocol is a balance of a few “Amino Acids” which I’ve gleaned from  the book  (Let’s STOP The #1 Killer of Americans TODAY) of a Naturopathic cardiologist ( Harry A. Elwardt) which made a lot of sense to me.  It seems to be working, since I no longer am plagued with that constant pounding  (disturbing and kinda scary) of the A-FIB  which rattled my world for over five years and seriously beat up my heart — all while under cardio-care; the full  spectrum of tests and treatment.  More scary than what I was going thru, was the path I could see spread before me – just like my mother,  who when she died at 85, was on 18 different pharmaceuticals daily.    Rebel that I am, I quit it all, simply quit,  no more! There’s gotta be a better way, I will not be victimized into becoming an eternal patient.   Choice is everything, so I trusted my Alzheimer’s afflicted brain to lean into this thing and lead the way.  Believe me,  I fully understand the meaning of gratitude.   These two muscle organs — my brain and my heart ARE the focal point of everything I  do,  to protect and serve their needs which are similar,  so that simplifies stuff.   ENERGY, is the basic need  (and why so many hearts fail, for their needs remain unmet) and  keeping the engines of those needs  humming and working in harmony is primary.  So its the AA’s to keep the engines (mitochondria) in order, supplied and functioning (all the mechanical stuff),  . . and a good diet, high in healthy fats such as butter, coconut oil,  (real, pure) olive oil,  nuts seeds, avocados and as many eggs as one can handle (unlimited).   And of course animal protein is ideal if it is also allowed to be real food — i.e. living naturally, grazing on grass, roaming free.  The same cannot be said for the commercial farming being done today. Their lives are cruel and tormented, their fat unhealthy  rather than acceptable.  Fish are now either coming from polluted waters or farm-raised, which I will not eat

The heart needs cholesterol  to function correctly.  The no-fat strictures of the last 40 years or so have caused so much devastation, the science of which was inadequate and self serving to particular people.  Body gets energy from fats or carbs primarily.  Its the carbs which  cause or lead to so many diseases we all struggle with.  Just give up the damned bread!  It ain’t easy, but if you can save your brain?   Where’s the logic in NOT doing it?  Go easy on carb choices;  many kinds of rices, quinoa,  potatoes (especially sweet potatoes (with garlic, butter and little salt – to die for). There’s no one who doesn’t love corn, but it’s almost 100 % GMO now – unless you know an organic farmer.   Incidentally,  that is a caution w/regard to eating chicken.  Unless the chix are free-range and picking their own bugs and grasses to eat, they are commercially  “brutally” raised – ON CORN,  which of course changes their good fat to Omega  6’s – not good for us.  

So, those amino acids I use are L-Arginine taken on rising and at bedtime.(with no other protein of any source ingested within 2 hours of it, as this is the most sensitive AA and can be blocked from absorption by any other protein.  During the day, I stack D-Ribose, Taurine and L-Carnitine. I will not give exact dosage, because don’t want anyone who is not willing to give up sufficient time to delve into this in order to fully understand what he or she is doing, isn’t properly equipped to even begin to do it right.  I’ve done my due diligence, paid my dues so to speak, but am a flawed and diminished individual, who just happens to like to share, hoping to ignite a flame here or there. . . especially to those who might be searching for a path as I have tried to do for myself.    

Lest I forget, the rest of my heart protocol  is pretty standard,  a few supplement like Nattokinase, (blood-thinner), Ubiquinol (Co-Q10),  High potency DHA (500mg DHA, 90 EPA mg),  no  longer take Fish oil as don’t feel its safe anymore with the pollution of the oceans.  The DHA is far more helpful than the  EPA, so this works for me.  Also have Krill oil which I buy online at ABSORB HEALTH.  Also buy my “MAGNESIUM THREONATE there (which is the magnesium I use now as it is the only one which is able to cross the blood-brain barrier– needed for my brain).  Absorb’s price on this beats anyone around and they are darned good people.  I’m so fussy, want quality first, yet want/DEMAND best price as well.  I’m taking 10K daily of D3 now, have doubled it as not enough  Sun now.  

Dr Cannell of the Vitamin D Council had issued a caution with regard to the L-Arginine.   Advising people to use discretion in eating cashews  to excess because of the content of L-Arginine contained in them.  The reason he gives is that this amino acid ‘could’ facilitate outbreaks of the herpes virus which of course was the subject under discussion in the article.  He further says this is too bad as it is a substance which can increase sexual arousal.  He goes on to mention a few offsets one can use to counter such a reaction.    Zinc being one of them.    Well, I do use Zinc daily (for hair, skin and nails, essentially).  I have noticed an increased sexual awareness  and I’m not knocking it.  I do not torture myself, so when I want a yummy snack,  it’s likely to be a wonderful bowl of cashews, sunflower seeds raisons, pecans  or walnuts or macadamia nuts — whatever I have.  Love it.   With all the Arginine i’m getting,  not having any flare-ups.  Dr is not wrong, neither am I. . it just is what it is, I guess.   And I wanted to add that.    This post, I donno – – it’s just much too long,  sorry               Jan





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