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January 11, 2016

Dr Clark on Food polarization

Previous readers knew that I greatly admired Dr. Hulda Clark  and have so for more than 20 years.  She has written books and gathered a loyal following all over the world.  She gladly shared her brilliant work and even taught in her books how to build many of her incredibly fine pieces of equipment which she dreamed up and designed for use  with her own patients.    Went thru a bad  patch when I first came to Ohio and some doctors had me pretty worried  about myself,    didn’t know what to do. Went into a local health-food store and bent the ear of a nice lady who after hearing me out, put Dr Clark’s book in my  hands and asked me to look it over.  Said it seems  to have  helped  a lot of people.  The title was a bit off-putting — “The Cure for All Disease”  (I’m a practical Virgo), but I was desperate for help.    Needless to  say,  it changed me. . .how I thought;   gave me true hope,  a purpose and “how to”  on almost anything I could think of.  I have posted endlessly on her and her methods and always recommend her books.  I couldn’t go to her clinic in Mexico, but she generously spoke with me when I called her, and it helped. She was a dear, sainted woman for whom I will alway be grateful.  Those with whom she worked so closely, continue her work since she died.   I wanted to share this link with those of you who may be working on any of a variety  of problems, get her book as I did, or even reach out to this  Information Center. . .all really great people willing to assist.  

I tried to build a Zapper from the instructions in her book I mentioned.  Had to get a young man with a good mind and electrical knowledge to do it right for me.  Used it for years.  Worked fine.  But then I bought one of hers.  Now of course, they are even fancier and one can program them to combat specific diseases. etc.  This would be another of those  good reference sources you might want to consider subscribing to . .  .  .  .     .       just saying’, . . . .Jan


For information on Dr. Hulda Clark and her protocol go to
The website does not sell products.
For books and products, please visit this 

Dear Dr. Clark guests!

by the Dr. Clark Information Center 

In this edition:

  • Why does fresh food have a north polarization ?
  • How often should one zap?
  • What is Triclosan and why should we avoid products with it?
  • Free Book: “Clark therapy – Health and Prevention at any age”
  • Saliva tests
  • Testimonial

Why does fresh food have a north polarization

The market in Barcelona has a great variety of fruits and vegetables of incredible colors, as you can see from the photo I personally took.

While it is the phenolic substances that give color and taste to our food, unfortunately they can also stimulate an allergic reaction in our bodies, as explained in our previous e-news.  There can be various reasons for our body having an allergic reaction to a phenolic substance. It can be caused by how the product was cultivated, harvested, how it was made to ripen or how it was cooked. Or simply because it is a natural part of the food as explained in the previous e-news.

Another very important aspect when talking about intolerances or allergic reaction is the polarization.
Fruit and vegetables, flowers and leaves, nuts and grains, all have a north polarization when they are freshly picked, except the seed, which has a south polarization.

This has been investigated by Dr. Clark. Fresh food freshly picked from the vegetable garden and tested with the Syncrometer has a north polarization.
North polarization turns slowly south as the food (even if it is organic) grows old, and thischange occurs iindependently from preserving it in the fridge or out in the open. Dr. Clark was of the idea  that the majority of our food as well as our water, should have a north polarization, with only a small quantity in the form of seeds, having a south polarization.

Food that is old, food that has been preserved, food that is packaged, food that contains metals, solvents, pesticides and laundry bleach all have a south polarization.


Dr. Clark said that today we are receiving an overdose of south polarized food and water  and that such food fills us with PGE2 and therefore our organs get inflammed opening the door of our cells  to bacteria, viruses and sicknesses.

The cited information has been taken from Dr. Clark’s research

How often do I use the zapper and at which frequency?

How often should I use the zapper is another most frequently asked question. You can find the answer to this question and many other questions  here. 
(To access this website you must register as it is reserved for members only).
Members, please note that with next e-news  there will be an update on the new website on plate-zapping and homeography, two new sciences invented by Dr. Clark. Find out more in our next e-news.

Why should we avoid products with  triclosan?

Triclosan is a common antibacterial agent used in toothpastes, soaps, washes and cosmetics. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), see their articlehere,  say that triclosan is not known to be hazardous to humans, but lately this ingredient has been reviewed. FDA is reviewing all of the available evidence on this ingredient’s safety in consumer products but the sole fact that they have found this chemical in the blood and urine samples of teenager girls, is not a comforting thought. It is now a proven fact that triclosan not only increases resistance to bacteria, but that it also alters hormone regulation in animal studies.

As the Scientific American Com reports in the article below , they have found an accumulation of triclosan in one third of the tested bottlenose dolphins off the coast of South Carolina and one fourth of the dolphins tested in Florida.

Studies on bullfrogs showed that triclosandisrupts the hormonal system blocking the tadpole’s development into frogs.

This is shocking news even though quite expected if we think that 76% of soaps in the USA contain triclosan and 350 tons of it are used in Europe in commercial products. Three quarters of people tested in the USA have triclosan in their urine and has been found in breast milk of Swedish women. You will  find the complete article here.
study  reported that triclosan has been found in human plasma and breast milk in higher concentrations in those mothers that used personal care products containing triclosan compared to those that did not.
At this link you can read   the disturbing news that over 95% of triclosan ends up in our waters for the fact that the water treatment plants do not remove it. This can end up in the production of dioxin and resistant-bacteria populations.
Triclosan has also been found to be highly toxic to different types of algae and is therefore responsible for “the destruction of the balance of the ecosystem.“ Researchers in Sweden found high levels of triclosan present in the bile of fish in Sweden. It might also be an endocrine disruptor. Read  the wholearticle here..
You can find certified organic SANCTUM body-care products, triclosan-free here:

Saliva testing

We understand that not everone has a naturopath or doctor close to them who is experienced at bio feedback testing such as with Dr. Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer.  However Dr. Clark said that to have such a test, it is not necessary to be physically present. A saliva sample is sufficient. Not only can your saliva be tested, but you can also test your drinking water,  body-care products, house dust and the saliva of your pet for the presence of parasites, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc.

If you are interested in such a test, contact Syncrometer tester Heike Beckershere 

Free Book

Naturopathic Physician Ignacio Chamorro, a student of Dr. Clark, has written an easy to follow and practical book about his application of the Clark protocol in his treatment of more than 10’000 patients.  I find it to be a very useful book that is especially helpful as a Clark guide. I personally appreciate that he mentions every single supplement Dr. Clark used, what it is used for, and the correct dosage.  The book is available for downloading at no cost here

A hard copy of the book is also free though there is a charge of USD 8.-for shipping and handling and can be requestedhere


As usual, at the end of this newsletter,  you will find some recent testimonials. We thank all those who have taken the time and effort to put their story in writing.
We deeply appreciate the fact that they are willing to share their private health experiences with us.
We also want to make an appeal to encourage others to write their experiences. If you have had success  applying the Clark protocol, we would be very pleased to hear about it. This not only keeps our  motivation high, but also helps others that are experiencing the same or similar, health problems.
Notice: These testimonials are reproduced verbatim as received from the originators; except for correction of typos or shortening where needed. These testimonials do not imply that the results achieved will be achieved in every case or that these are typical results.

If you missed reading this newsletter, or  earlier ones, you can  find them here.

With warmest greetings,
The Dr. Clark Information Center Team


I tell you the story of my cat Oliver, a cat of the forests of Norway.
In August I notice that something is wrong with him.. he is drinking too much. The veterinarian tells me that it is a serious kidney failure and that he suspects cancer and that he has 4 to 5 months to live.I bring my cat to another clinic where they are less pessimists, but they let me know that the situation is nonetheless serious.
They do infusions and other things.Saturday he seemed very bad.. he was not drinking at all and he doesn’t get up anymore and I believed he was at the end.
I attach him to the zapper and do the frequencies of kidneys and the driver for the kidneys.
After a couple of hours he gets up and eat nearly two whole bowls.
He wants to go outside. We are amazed!
Disclaimer and NoticeWe are not medical doctors. This is not medical advice, but merely a reference to Dr. Clark’s findings. For medical advice, consult with your physician. Please note that reference to Dr. Clark’s findings does not necessarily imply that these findings have been corroborated by other scientists. Other scientists may disagree. We do not make any promises with regards to products mentioned. Note that in the US the zapper and the frequency generator are not medical devices and we can’t advocate them for medical use.

Dr. Clark Information Center


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