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December 21, 2015

Mood – Mind altered by Meds

Its true,  in our conversations these days about the crazy killing frenzy we keep having thrust on us,  we hear little about  CAUSES which may very well be at work here.  For a long time the main culprit  has been  largely seen as A  “GUN CONTROL” issue.  I doubt few would argue against the unfettered access to any and all guns are a legitimate issue. . .and I would agree.    

 The latest issue seen in causation (which has in my mind been over-blown on the right by the GOP in effort to eternally blame Obama for ‘everything’) is of course the idea of ‘Radicalized Muslims’ coming into this country for evil intent to harm and kill us.  Is this a possibility?  Sure – it’s already happened!  But it is rare and uncommon.  Can’t  look at these years of erratic behavior in so many of our own youth – – some of them from privileged homes.  While I’m kinda fanatic about the chemicals in our water,  I don’t think its the WATER.  Nor is it just the chemicals in our foods via agribusiness. . . . tho that largely contributes to our health breakdown – and lets face it, we can’t separate the health of our body from a healthy, balanced mind.  

So very many areas come to mind in wondering about what is  happening to our kids as they grow up today.  It isn’t mysterious.    Our nation was up until recently largely “middle-class” and with that background, family was almost everything.  Nothing was too much for those we  loved, for that is where the heart was.  With the middle-class all but disappeared, we have become a country of the rich and powerful on the one hand with the poor and desperately needy wasting away on the fringes.  Few  in any class have what they need to live with dignity and meaning – – purpose.  African American and Latino families are worse off. . . . no jobs for these especially. Commitment to family and community are so hard to come by.  From one side of our  country to the other,  the people are pretty much the same;  good hearts, innate common sense and the desire to amount to something.  Almost all, willing to help.   STRESS is a killer and it is prevalent.   Our financial underclasses, mostly, can’t afford medicine  or what used to be decent medical care with knowledgable, thoughtful physicians..  Now its insurance companies dictating,  doctors on tight schedules and getting burned out — and losing  their reason for being there.  No time for relationships, especially between doctors and patients — too often pills are prescribed, never seeking the problem, and causing more harm than any possible good.  This is more prevalent amongst the children and the poor in general.  (This is theoretical, not statistical.)   But parents and teachers too,  dispense arbitrary rewards and punishments instead of more thoughtful solutions.    

Just attempting to show how  naturally and simply we frail humans can take short-cuts that gets all in trouble.  How kids are given meds to control or sidestep certain behaviors.  Pills  will never take the place of caring and love. . .weren’t meant to.   But they can and do cause harm . . .an kill.  Hear Ben Swann relate what he found.  Jan


Politics and Media Insight

Asking the Right Question

Ben Swann

With yet another mass shooting in the USA, our hearts go out to the families grieving for loved ones. This is also a time to ask questions. As investigative reporter Ben Swann asks, “Why is it always a discussion about guns and not about mental health and mood-altering prescription drugs?”

Why do we need to ask that question? In “Reality Check: Why Aren’t Shootings Sparking Debate Over Anti-Depressants?” Swann provides a sampling of the individuals behind mass shootings from the past 15 years … revealing which prescription drug—along with the known side-effects—the shooter was taking.

Watch Video or Read Transcript

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