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December 17, 2015

Why all these chemicals?

Not me, but Bill Moyers & Company to speak of Chemicals and Corruption

In truth, I’ve been carping about this so long that even I am tired of my own sound.  Far better  to hear those with the “Global, renowned voices” with clout.  But lets not kid ourselves, it’s gonna take getting the ear of a BERNIE once he’s in the Oval office who will make this his concern to do the people’s business – because its important to us.  Just think – if these evils could be corrected through transparency and daylight, our financial devastation would be solved because people wouldn’t be so sick and stop taking BIG PhRMA’s fixes which only adds to the burden, because people don’t know what else to do.  (including the doctors who are taught zip about NUTRITION.)  

Our farming heritage could return to its roots, which while labor intensive, would be cheaper without all the chemicals and fake fertilizer. . .which would bring far more profit to those who  do the work rather than those who distribute poisons to the land, killing indiscriminately all life forms.  Imagine returning balance to NATURE’S CONTROL and design.   We have a decent grasp and start with all the work our President has worked to orchestrate globally on “climate change.”   Nothing short of “heroic,” but to hear the ignorant responses from the so-called right about the scientific, intelligent aggressive action President Obama has shown is leaving the rest of the world scratching their heads wondering what on earth has happened to the people of America.   Glad I don’t have to answer that one.  D’ya think it might be the water?  We can’t lie awake nights  worrying about it, just keep striving towards what we know is right for all of us,  not just the few.    


Why the United States Leaves Deadly Chemicals on the Market

Why the United States Leaves Deadly Chemicals on the Market

A six-month investigation finds that the revolving door between government and the chemical industry has led the EPA to rely on easily manipulated research. By Valerie Brown and Elizabeth Grossman

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How Corrupt Is Your State?

How Corrupt Is Your State?

There may be lots of good government laws, but corruption, influence peddling and lack of government accountability are in fact very

difficult to prevent across all 50 states. By AJ Vicens

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It is so easy to become discouraged as we learn what really has been going on — and for how long!    100 years ago when stuff was simpler, we no doubt could have taken an appropriate action, . . .  you know – headed  stuff off at the pass.  Easy to say now, but how likely is it that our eyes could have seen down the road any better than everyone else’s of that time?    So easy to say what might have been, but this is unproductive and leads nowhere.  Far better to see clearly, rethink – – set plans for further action and then set about to gather the energy  AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.  This  at least has  a chance for fruition bringing huge benefit to everyone equally,  rich and poor,  black and white or any other distinction.   We are all entitled to freedom from toxic poisons regardless of form or reason for its existence;  none of us are experimental animals.  We are entitled to clean air,  natural, clean, impurity-free water, healthy soil  in which to grow our food and healthy land for all our smaller animal brothers and sisters to roam freely in.  

Nor should any of  us be compelled against our will to be subjected to mandatory medication or any other treatment, because our disease-laden population is already inundated  with toxic loads the human organism was never to meant to bear or assimilate. . .which is why our cancer, diabetes, emotional and neurological problems, coronary, thyroid, autism and other mental impairments, and obesity rates are driving all this misery and destruction. Most of our population can’t afford to pay for ORGANIC FOOD and many of our poorer neighborhoods don’t even HAVE ordinary food-markets.  So what are people to do?  We  are an ill-served nation. We have a whole lot of problems that  aren’t goin’ away any time soon — even with BERNIE SANDERS.  It’s gonna take ALL OF US pulling in a similar direction to get this job done but we CAN DO IT.   A lot of us may not be as healthy as we have a right to be.. .but we are AMERICANS and we’ve got guts and what it takes to handle this job, by GOD.  It is so o o   time for change,    Jan


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