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December 11, 2015

Energy Magazine (online)

ENERGY, a favorite magazine

I have been receiving Energy Magazine online for well over a year and very much enjoy it.  It is such a fabulous resource with articles  one  would be bard-pressed to find elsewhere – – especially, in such a wondrous, beautiful style/fashion.    My son Jeff had sent me this  link back then in order to see an article he had done for them. .  . but after experiencing this new (to me) delight,  I signed on to receive it.  Each issue is a treasure;  the scope – very broad.  Honestly don’t know if I’m breaking any rules by  posting this. . . .just can’t help myself reel in my need to share!    Read on. . . . .   .   .  and be prepared,   those pages will start exploding with amazing color and really helpful  insights which might possibly transform or freshen a life here or there.   Enjoy,   Jan




Welcome to the November/December issue of Energy!
Dear Readers,

In this issue you will find much food for thought, sprinkled liberally with good intention, love and best wishes from the Energy Magazine staff.

​Happy Reading!

Two ways to view Energy!

There are two wonderful ways to view Energy! It can be viewed as an interactive, virtual magazine – just like reading the real thing in the comfort of your own home. You can flip the pages, zoom in and out, even link directly to websites and send emails right from the magazine. Or you can view the PDF format which is the preferred method for viewing on iPads or printing.

To view Energy Magazine in the flip page format click here.

To view Energy Magazine in the traditional PDF format click here.

Please note: If you prefer to print the magazine at home use the PDF version above.


You can now order a beautifully printed version of Energy Magazine through Magcloud. Click here to see more details.


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