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December 4, 2015

Sittenfeld for Senate

No one has authority to do my thinking/choosing 4 me!

The Democratic Party hasn’t only frustrated me over the issues around how few “debates” we, the voters, are entitled to relevant to the Democratic candidates for the presidency  of U.S.   (Guess all have noticed – Debbie Wasserman Schultz  is still dictating who does what and when – – how backward-thinking can we get?)  

Indeed many months ago I would read about this fresh-thinking young man out of Cincinnati by the name of PG Sittenfeld who aspired to become Ohio’s Senator replacing Rob Portman.  Our Republican state is very fond of Portman,. . .me, not so much.  Couldn’t believe  the good ideas he espoused because he hasn’t lived too many decades in order to come up with such modern, forward thinking ideas.   I was intrigued.   Wanted to hear more about him and from him.  No such luck.  Next I heard that the Democratic party had endorsed our ex-Governor Ted Strickland to replace Rob Portman.   The machinery would have none of young Sittenfeld interfering with their plans.  They refused to allow even a minuscule presence and wanted him gone.   Besides,  Strickland had name-recognition and a record to run on.  End of story!  For me, this is typical of the political machinery which insults us all, sells us out for any reason they choose.  This is insulting to a population afflicted with so many ills of society that it is all we can do to try to stay cool, calm and afloat, let alone figure out what games they play in Washington.  

No wonder so many hate politics and choose to tune it out.  But we can’t indulge that kind of thinking, for what is needed is more transparency, truth and integrity. We are entitled to choose by our own standards those whom we believe we can trust and are in agreement with.   If we would have a better life, more secure — with the kind of representation we deserve, then we MUST persist and demand honest effort in return for our vote.   Those who go to Washington must respond to our needs and wishes or suffer being thrown out!   I can’t tell you how often I sign petitions, give my  pennies to help out. . and nothing happens – – well,,  very little – not enough.  No way I  want anyone representing me who just plays along to get along.  I want  them to think things through and honor their commitments to us and deliver on what they said they would do.    Strickland was a sweet, good, kind, honest man.  People respected him and I still like him as a man, but not for our SENATOR.  You have to have some moxie, plans and a persistent voice.  Under his reign, Ohio had fallen into financial difficulty and it was easy for Kasich to take away his reins.  

But with Kasich, our residents began to bleed from every pore;  ranking last on so many national scoreboards of almost everything that people of a state (any state) look to their leaders for protection and fairness.  First thing he and his legislature did was destroy our school system – by design.  He brought in his friends (the WHITE HAT gang) to establish a whole new style of education at great expense and guaranteed failure due to lack of oversight,  perspective and integrity. It was and remains shameful; however the financially affluent continue to score quite well, while the needier neighborhoods remain at or near the bottom in rankings.  Talk about disparity.  Between the slashing and burning of all conceivable services and cut-backs in the rest and selling off major assets,  he comes off being so proud of his financial smarts because he claims he has turned Ohio around and continues to brag about saving Ohio and improving life here.  Perspective is everything isn’t it?   Unless you’re looking at infancy mortality rates,  closed services and lack of medical care,  low standard-of-living-wages – worsened by the slashing and gutting of our efficient Consumer’s Protection   Agency and its competent staff so that our burdened populace  have no assistance/protection to hold the line against endless utility cost increases;    homelessness;  deaf,dumb and blindness to ecological demands and resistant  to get real about our world’s ecological jeopardy.  The algae growth which threatens the GreatLakes areas has worsened every year with no end in sight.   Few would put his name up for sainthood.    But you know what?  I have to agree with comments I keep hearing that Kasich  is looking and sounding pretty good  (as things go) in the GOP lineup.  He actually sounds like he may be the best of the lot.  Talk about a sad situation.  Again,  a matter of perspective.  Don’t expect you to take my word for this stuff,  listen for yourself  (even kinda reminds me of Bernie) and see what you think. . .Sittenfeld,  Strickland or Portman?  Whadayathink?    Jan


Dear Friend,

Rob Portman has spent years in Washington voting against working-class Ohioans, against women, and against students.

We have a chance to fix that.

PG Sittenfeld is an elected leader in Cincinnati and a strong progressive who is committed to lifting up the voices of ordinary people. He knows that Congress desperately needs change. He’s running for U.S. Senate to fight for ordinary Ohioans – not D.C. lobbyists and special interest groups.

See PG

PG is passionate about making government more innovative and responsive. He believes that our diversity is an asset. And he is committed to empowering everyday Ohioans to help address the challenges our nation faces.

In the Senate, PG will be a champion for lifting wages for working people, defending a woman’s right to choose, preventing gun violence and standing up to the extreme wing of the gun lobby, protecting our environment, fixing our infrastructure, closing unfair tax loopholes, making college affordable and reducing student debt, reforming our criminal justice system, and ensuring that everyone can enjoy a secure retirement.

His progressive and forward-looking vision is a remarkable contrast to the out-of-touch agenda of Rob Portman and his special interest allies.

But PG needs our help to get to the Senate.

Send Rob Portman packing –  help elect a bold new progressive to the Senate:


PG doesn’t rely on the support of DC lobbyists and dark money from special interests –that’s why he needs us.




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