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December 3, 2015

Gift from Donna that’ll last

Donna expands her 5″ Daily Routine

All who have frequented “smokinchoices”  understand how much I have benefited from Donna Eden and her Energy Medicine.  Love her book and own some of her visual programs – (CD sets).   Like to use her 5″ Daily Routine, because as she says – it works.  Her last e-mail presented this gift  at Thanksgiving time and she expressed that a few new tweaks have been added. . . I like them.  Wanted to share with those of you who might be interested.    The process is simple, easy to do and in her loving manner, she explains what each movement adds to your overall well-being and why you do them.  Anyone would benefit from this; male, female. . .kids to elders.  In other words this is for anyone who has, as we all do sometimes, issues with our body or energy, etc., which just isn’t right.   Her ENERGY MEDICINE book is a treasure and extremely comprehensive covering all the energy systems within the body showing how they interact and how to maximize  our overall health picture.    After watching the video found at the link below,  another video follows showing a young lady dancing around her yard doing this very thing – joyously.  Beautiful.  Surprisingly, this is followed by an interview of Donna by a lady called Marian Knight.  A little long, but worthwhile to hear how all this started with Donna.  Hope you are enriched by this.

I have bookmarked the the page so I can access it easily, and you might try that too.   Jan

More than four decades have passed now since I was told that my M.S. and the related damage to my organs were progressing so rapidly that I needed to “get my affairs in order.” Little did I know back then that this apparent death sentence would lead me to my life’s purpose: mobilizing the body’s energies for health, healing, and happiness. Since then, I have dedicated my life to the very simple, yet deeply profound, notions that our bodies are designed to heal themselves and that every one of us has the power to tap into our body’s natural healing energies.


Over the years, I started teaching a simple energy routine that people could do every day in 5 to 7 minutes to establish positive “energy habits” in their bodies which strengthen their immune systems and help them navigate through the stresses we all face today. Thousands of people around the world are now doing it daily! Based on their feedback, I would tweak it every now and then to make it even more effective. I’ve just filmed the definitive version. It is solid, and I have tons of evidence that it works. You need only do it!


It is a joy for me to say Happy Thanksgiving by sharing this with you. Just click here or the image below.


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