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November 19, 2015

XLNT health-based science resource

EXAMINE.COM – a resource I enjoy


Not trying to tell you what to read, but I have often found KAMAL PATEL’s  site  – EXAMINE.COM to be efficient and current. Nor do I suggest over-dosing on INFORMATION.  I also highly recommend that all of us TRUST-OUR-GUT, for it IS indeed our highest “authority,”  as long as it is your body you’re listening to and not your taste-buds (addictive cravings. . as in ‘sugar’).     Additionally,  sometimes the answers ‘science’ yields are limited by their own parameters and can therefore – fly in the face of one’s own “experiences”.  

We are all unique, constructed from the same sub-structures, but so variable in our differences, e.g. blood types, metabolic rates, ethnic and geographical backgrounds. . . life experiences. .  .  and preferences.  Sometimes it’s those preferences which get in our way,  you know – smugness about our way being the best or only way.  “. . as a man thinketh. . .”              .  .  .  .  just sayin’      Jan

Do you need to worry about eating at night?

Late-night snacking is seen as a big no-no for most people. We’ve done it and you’ve probably done of it too. But does eating at night make you more likely to gain weight?

Check it out: Does eating at night make it more likely to gain weight?

Is bone broth a ‘healing food’? 

We’ve been providing expertise all over the media lately (in our battle to help educate the public). A recent and interesting question came from Mother Jones, in which we were asked about bone broth. It’s delicious, but is it really an elixir of health?

Check it out: Some facts about bone broth

Incoming New Design!

We are extremely excited to be launching a new design for just before Thanksgiving comes. It should be released sometime next week, and will make the entire user experience faster and better (especially for those on phones and tablets!) We’ll let you know when it’s live.

Thanks again for all your support.

Kamal Patel


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