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October 29, 2015

the Hillary Machine

More ‘Disenchanted’ now than ever    

Dose anyone else question why our Democratic roster of presidential candidates is so small or limited?  In a country where Democracy reigns and we have almost always enjoyed a handsome majority– what has happened?   Where is everyone?    The clamoring resonance for Elizabeth Warren was so widespread;  it was so evident where the public heart and mind was and what issues needed attention.  .  .  .  what was on everyone’s mind and what the needs of our vast populace encompassed.  Whether she wants it or not,  Elizabeth has a lock on our hearts.   As adults, we have learned to wait for just desserts. . .when the time is right. . . .  

But where were all the others — those with smarts, energy and the necessary understanding to be ABLE to get the job done?  

My guess is that it’s that well-known Hillary Machine.  Of course the CLINTON name is magic. . .Bill is, was legendary!  I voted for him twice.  Rogue that he obviously was,  I felt sympathy for his wife as she stood by him.  Many couldn’t abide that kind of betrayal, so I kinda admired her loyalty. . ..  I could not have done what she did.  Not built like that.   But that is all I ever could muster for Hillary, just a bit of sympathy for what she went thru.  I didn’t appreciate her attitude;  terse, didactic, entitled, unyielding, dominant need for control.  She alienated the press – big time!  Many  of her remarks were flat-out nasty.  She was a prominent woman with a strong career.  There was as much in the way of scandal around her as there was with Bill and his sexual escapades.  Murmurs of scandal around records, disappearing records which magically turned up much, much later.  Cover-ups of one kind or another. . . .even a rumor of murder. .all lumped together and called the Clinton “baggage.”   If you have lived thru all this,  you don’t willingly want to go thru it again.     But Hillary had plans of her own, and for whatever reason,  Bill has made it a life’s goal to ensure she gets to have her dream too.  They are a powerhouse, between them.  They have travelled in BIG, BROAD CIRCLES amongst the most influential and powerful people.  These are their friends, where the interests are (and perhaps the heart, too).  As they say – – follow the money.  

 As to how Hillary ‘seems’ now,  I’m still seeing and hearing the same dominant woman as she ever was.  To my ears,  I hear the shrill, demanding, above-it-all matrix she always was.  She has HAD to learn HOW  to come across as ‘caring’. . .it isn’t in her.  It’s just a role she is forcing herself to play which if done well, will allow her dream to become a reality.  Her terrain is Wall Street with the power mongers.   How does anyone believe she will serve the middle class as a major thrust borne out of  a sensitive understanding.  paleeze!   Since it seems a given that what we are witnessing in the new Hillary isn’t her ‘natural’ persona which has been projected over the last few decades, could we inquire — what has happened to cause this?   Could we?  WE SHOULD!  . . . . .  if we care about our future.  

Seems perfectly clear to me.  We have seen at least two people who expressed clear understanding of the problems facing our country and our people and as they spoke –we resonated with the message.  We know truth when we hear it.   Elizabeth had her reasons not to serve at this time.   Nature abhors a vacuum.   Bernie stepped up, was willing to take it on and go the distance.  When people listen to him, his clear message is so ‘on target’ that it is overwhelming.  His ethics and love of  justice for all; his own experiences serving his community in many capacities has created this man.  What you see is what you get.  It isn’t some veneer, it is coming from his core – who he is.  This then is what our people need.  Genuine smarts,  ability to get stuff done,  a REAL uniter,  an independent thinker. . .and he is NOT  for sale, therefore isn’t beholden to the corporate structure.  (which of course, sets him apart, most decidedly). Bernie Sanders is the genuine article and willing to do this most difficult undertaking, because it needs doing.   He tell’s fellow Americans that he or no other individual can get this job done on his own. . .it will take us ALL to get involved and make it happen.   That’s what Americans are  all about,  what we stand for.  The truth of this is so easy to see.  Look around.. .what we have now; we don’t trust the establishment anymore, so we tune out,. . .DON’T VOTE. . .an amazing 65% or more  of  us not voting brings about what we now have – – a bought and paid-for government which serves the Corporate structure because they paid for it.  These are the ones who poison our food, soil,  air and water bringing us devitalized foodstuff grown in sterile ground which can’t sustain health. . .only fill bellies, making everyone sick– (enough, Jan)     So the point is, here is someone who is willing, and telling us he needs us to be a part of it all  and then we CAN SET THINGS RIGHT together and have a government which works for everybody.  All true and believable.  Doable.

Back to why no one else?  Not everybody is built like Elizabeth or Bernie.  Then there is that Clinton Machinery.  Has such a reputation, so much power and wealth and the connections.  Not too many willing to go up against such odds and obstruction.  (and who knows what else?)

I can see some of it, just observe how many still don’t know anything about Bernie.   Almost some kind of conspiracy thing going on.  I blame especially the Media – they are entrusted to report the news.   Still hear a word now and then with the qualifier that of course, he can’t win the nomination!   WHY NOT?  But it is what Bernie has said and espoused that has changed (forced) Hillary to amend her agenda.  To me, it is really odd to see her trying to get to the left of Bernie.  But how strong will she be for causes that don’t really reflect her long-standing views as shown by  how she has lived her life.     After he spoke up for her at the debate. . .and she was surprised and grateful;  then see how she  jumped all over his stance on gun control – like he is the enemy.   In truth he has tried for stiffer laws longer than almost anyone, even tho they have no gun problems in his rural state. Guess its just about quality and nature which makes one go for any advantage (no matter how tacky), to win.    Jan


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