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October 28, 2015

The PIOPPI Protocol

Donal  of the “Cereal Killers” and “Run on Fat” –  sharing his latest 

I so very much enjoyed reading this Cardiologist’s recently published article.  Absolutely loaded with information, facts and all the latest thinking which has been so  ably demonstrated by all that Donal has shown us in his movies  outlining the discoveries he has made and proven.  He has accomplished altering his genetic cardiovascular inheritance experienced by his  father and uncle, both also athletes who did everything right.   Don’t overlook the additional tidbits offered throughout I found excellent.  Enjoyed reading about the cheeses – – stuff I didn’t know.  These are highlighted in red.  This is a special advantage for all of us who suffer from the most dire maladies which kill most of us, not just heart disease.  Discusses diabetes and obesity, showing how things build, inter twine and ruin our lives.   Profitable read. 
Wish I had money to invest in Donal’s effort to produce this new movie which he is attempting to fund through “Crowdfunding” – (which I barely understand.)  With his reputation and proven methods. . .gotta be another winner.       Jan




“Let Fat Be Thy Medicine”


MEN’S HEALTH has just published a super article by British Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra and I thought you’d appreciate a heads up on it.

If you still have any hangups about the “risks” of eating like a Cereal Killer this should lay those to rest pretty quickly! Do share it around if you think it can help others find the right track to better health.

Here’s that link.


Donal & The Cereal Killers


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