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October 16, 2015

Political “Big Issues” . . an Abraham discussion

Filed under: Abraham's easy accessible truth — Jan Turner @ 3:42 am

Abraham’s wisdom – so relevant for today

Looking for something else, I came upon a terrific post from May 30, 2013.  Had forgotten about it,  but in checking it out it was clear that the message was so penetrating and worthwhile, I was compelled to watch it all over again.   So extremely worth the time, especially in today’s political climate.  Was noticing how much I kept thinking of Bernie as I listened  to the give and take between Abraham (through Ester) and this intelligent, well-motivated political aspirant.  It was delightful.  

As I sat pondering,  the video segued into a multi-hour further discussion on individuals with questions on relationship and other personal issues.  Discussions of this sort are really helpful to those who may be new to the “LAW OF ATTRACTION”  concepts,  because they are more relaxed and  somewhat different from the ‘teachings’ most of us grew up with.  But then, I have observed there are many paths up that mountain,  so whatever gets us there is good.   Jan


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