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October 7, 2015

GARY, still here – just sharing

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Where’s my mind ? – should’ve put this up months ago

Tho I have often posted on EFT and my never-ending adoration and gratitude for Gary Craig;  his manner,  great gift to the world as founder of EFT and the enormous generosity, patience and love which shines from every word he utters. .  .  .  oh yes — this is a very special man.  When he retired a few years back (doctor’s orders),  it hit me like a ton of bricks and I openly grieved and shared all with my readers.    He left his gift to the world.    

What followed seemed to be  an enormous struggle for someone else to fill that void, take the helm,. . .lead the way – – many, many, presumably all learned followers of EFT and devoted to Gary.   To someone like me,  I found it not-so-pretty.  Eventually, mine is bigger or better than yours developed into an unattractive ‘race’ to what?. . control  a precious gem which had been freely given?    During those years, I was still deeply engaged with my blog, reveling in the pleasure I derived from it. .  .  hardly noticed as I  began to slip and slide away from daily use.  Pain or a pity-party would remind me smartly. . .I needed attention FOR ME!  

Tho I had been involved with many alternative forms of healing with my husband from the earliest years in the 1950’s (we were both independent ‘seekers’ from our earliest years);  even so,  EFT proved to be such an easy path to fall into because of its great simplicity;  no tools necessary,   no religious affiliation required, or attendance with any group needed. . .can be done anywhere, anytime and for almost anything.  Personally, I have hugely benefited for many physical and emotional issues and also have used it for me or others who would allow me to use it.  It isn’t a question of being a ‘believer,’  I’ve seen and witnessed the benefits both on self and others, either in my presence or at a distance.  It’s a good thing.  

But that was then.   And I believe I have posted on Gary being back, but I have not indicated that so very much is new and “UP-GRADED”.  Actually,  His EFT site is filled with information on different paths one can choose;  original EFT as he gave it out several decades ago, or one of the later techniques which seems to deal with deliberate conscious direction of the heart energy in a more subtle manner, almost contemplative in which one can realize that we are not constrained with either space or time. I will not  go deeper as no one can explain “stuff” like Gary can.  So, for your sake. . .go to Gary Craig’s  EFT site –  just put in browser, you’ll find it.  I have copied and pasted todays email from Gary, but the links don’t work  — just Google him.  

(As an aside,  I am weaning off the blog, even tho, my heart really isn’t in that choice.  Logistics!  Moving slower,  much to do;  never know what time we may have ahead of  us  and that disturbs me as so much yet I want to do.  Have wanted to do a smallish booklet or two on how to care for self for optimal health, especially in the light of our highly specialized, too- expensive health-care system.   Won’t be for everyone of courses as most people wouldn’t dream of concocting their own (medicines) supplements or experimenting using own body as a laboratory.   I do of course, and am successfully handling my heart condition,  COPD,  arthritis and of course — the biggie – Alzheimer’s disease for a decade or so.  The irony’s,  my beloved brain is doing better than all the rest — who knew this was even possible? – [thank you Dr Mary Newport].  

So between the slowdown of aging, and the alteration of my dominant new choice utilizing my discretionary time available, I have had enormous computer problems, finally acquiring a MAC which is driving me crazier.  I have remained in a constant state of change and frustration sometimes ready to take a hammer to all before taking time for EFT.   But am pursuing  the writing using Google docs and trying to wade my way thru.    Taking a cue from our recent papal visit, might some of you out there just send a kind thought my way?   Would be warmly welcomed,. .. .many thanks,    Jan)
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