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October 1, 2015

Do we REALLY need breakfast?

86th Birthday

     Don’t feel I’m breaking ‘rules’ over breakfast

With this advice from Dr Mercola,  I’ve learned something that I have been doing for some time now — skipping breakfast, isn’t a bad idea at all.  Hallelujah!  Guess we heard that most our lives – – never skip breakfast.  I don’t, . . I just eat it 3 to 5 hours after rising.  And it apparently hasn’t hurt me at all. .  the photo at left is my 86th Birthday shot by my son Jeff  on the 29th of August. So Heidi and I are still both doing fine.    

When I watched the video today Of Dr. Mercola explaining in clear detail,  I was thrilled to see that what and how I’ve been eating has just been the right thing to do (for me).  The content of the video might surprise you.   Must admit however that I had been primed by the couple of posts I did this last year or so of Donal O’Neal after watching his CEREAL KILLER movie and then later – RUN ON FAT.  I began eating a lot more nuts (especially Macadamia) and had always eaten butter, continue to eat eggs – tho nowhere near the 3 dozen Donal uses weekly.  He is an athlete and can utilize far more than I can.  Nor do I use the quantity of meats he ingests. . but God bless him – he seems to outdo me on even the veggies – so his ‘balance’ is great.

Donal’s experiment over several years was a deliberate effort to overcome his apparent genetic proclivity to heart disease that both his father and uncle suffered from in spite of being athletes, living clean, eating right, no smoking or other abuses. – – it ain’t right, is it?  Anyway, that’s what drove him and his effort resulted in proof positive that fats are good for us (good fats to be sure).  And it changed forever, the global community on what and how to think about fats.  Kinda embarrassing to the medical community who were condemning the tactic as dire and life threatening as witnessed by the many decades of “LOW-FAT” advice – especially for coronary patients.  Yet heart disease remains the number one killer even now and still growing.  My posts are still up, but the movies were on limited free time, thus no longer working.  There are books and other avenues to pursue and no doubt, you can find those movies, most likely perhaps on Youtube  

Meanwhile,  this post is about two meals or three;  which is best and why?

This Is the Worst Time of the Day to Eat

Ignore this and your body will generate excessive free radicals that will damage your tissues, accelerate aging, and contribute to chronic disease. Plus: the best thing to do before meals to shed pounds and the reason calorie restriction can make you gain them..

Story at-a-glance

Contrary to popular belief, recent research concluded that eating breakfast does not help you lose weight
Other recent research also found that eating breakfast does not improve your metabolism. Instead, it was linked to a greater overall dietary energy intake
Omitting breakfast, as part of an intermittent fasting schedule, can have a number of important health benefits, from improving insulin sensitivity to helping your body shift into burning fat instead of sugar as its primary fuel
Another recent study found that a three-day long fast can regenerate your entire immune system, even if you’re elderly, and may offer protection against the toxic effects of chemotherapy


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