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August 26, 2015

ANTACIDS may be killing you

ANTACID (meds OTC or RX) will destroy your stomach and health

One of the worst things one can do to undermine body-function, breaking down health,  experiencing  endless costs and painful but useless treatments, witness function and joy depart almost  to the point of total disability — is to take antacids.    This is known by many, mostly from prior generations of physicians who were far more acquainted with realities of body function and needs than  currently  educated doctors practicing in today’s sophisticated ‘business of medicine’ with specialities and pharmaceuticals seen as the panacea.  Mostly, earlier medical texts and a whole lot of commonsense combined seemed to have more satisfactory answers with better results.      

I’m not going to attempt to explain what needs to be said when it’s been done . .  by others – better and with more authority,  e.g. Dr Jonathan Wright, and a lady from down under by the name of Elaine Hollingsworth.  Their message was Stomach acid is Good for you   Both have written books on this very subject.  I couldn’t access an article which had been presented in an American magazine on stomach acid, written by Elaine;  my beloved son Jeff,  got the job done for me, and the following link will take you to the full article (rather large – but is a big subject).  This is not new, hot off the presses stuff, but it could change the lives of countess suffering people, and I felt at the time that I presented it on September 20, 2013 in a post called “STOMACH ACID, Good for you” that my presentation must have been poor or at least, not well done.   Don’t need to tell you, I am not selling anything here – only a path to grant yourself better health and pain reduction (which I’m always for)

Some of which I would really like people to fully understand is that our bodies were exquisitely designed – nothing superfluous, ineffective, unnecessary or extraneous inside of us; all designed to work in harmony and with great simplicity.  The human organism is super adaptable, highly intelligent. . .can suffer indignities, shortages and blights and still pick  it’s self up and aright it all.    Good thing, to, because a lot of us have slow-learning-curves and take longer to figure stuff out.  

Healing mechanisms and curing ills have ALWAYS been part of our history since our tribes dwelt in caves.  Perhaps there was a special knowing amongst some. . .a subtle sightedness or vision; whatever and/or however, those ‘special ones’ knew what to do, which herbs and plants to use and their ‘lore’ developed and endured through all our time.  Over the ages homo sapiens scattered, coalesced, became more educated and civilization progressed into the miasma of nations we have today.  Much too much sophistication, departmentalization and absurd proclamations over the earth’s bounty with assertions of rights and ownership over our mutually shared and rightful co-inheritance of same.  

Old truths were forgotten,   lore was trashed as passé,  ignorance or sham.  Ditto for any who choose NATURAL methodology, such as ‘Food as Medicine,’ herbs over pharmaceuticals.   All kinds of ‘Alternative therapies’ disfavored for the  approved, accepted  standard stuff per AMA  and BIG PhRMA.  Proof?  Insurance  won’t pay for almost anything alternative;  so this leaves the masses (in the many, many millions) with no where to go and literally – NO CHOICE. , ,other than to submit to the “eternal-patient” syndrome, being stuffed full of expensive, toxic pharma, always bestowing so many SIDE-EFFECTS along with them that we don’t know whether to laugh or cry.. . but what choice is there?  We are assured – all is safe!  Have you turned on the TV lately?  One big commercial AD from BIG PhRMA after another all day long, day after day.  Brainwashing begins in infancy.  These same ads take as much time detailing the serious side effects as the so-called relief to be expected.       <           <            <            <        Click this link

So please, if you are one of those who has problems with your tummy, digestion, GERD,   or more advanced ulcers or worse. . . read this article and HELP YOURSELF. No matter what the area of distress, once the first stage of processing your food has begun “in the mouth”. . .digestion is necessary to maintain health and vitality. Learn a few things which can put it all right again.  And you won’t have to leave home to do it.. . .or pay anybody anything.  Choice restored!         Jan



  1. I’m impressed with this website, really. I am a fan.

    Comment by Leila — November 4, 2015 @ 8:03 pm | Reply

    • Thank you Leila, Nice of you to stop in and offer an opinion. Hope you read the article cited. . .it is quite good. I actually had to really search to find her book, and was not disappointed. Almost everything about the body is kinda simple and it will cooperate with us completely when we even half try. Eat clean and as natural as can afford with NO chemicals, no GMO’s nor pharmaceuticals which also add chemicals to our hungry bodies. Good luck finding your way, don’t forget to have pleasure in what you do,it’s all about the “happy.” Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — November 5, 2015 @ 2:03 am | Reply

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