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August 24, 2015

GOP says US Gov’t run by ‘idiots’

They aught to know;  run all but Oval Office

Waking to the news today!. . .has the world gone mad?

Couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Market down over 1,000 points,   China rigging it’s currency ‘again’. . . world is trembling;   Wall street workers dumfounded, in tears and/or disbelief.   Market zigged and zagged so much over next hours that it travelled up and down over 3000 points.     Very confusing.  But this too, shall pass. . perhaps in the blinking of an eye, or maybe a bit longer. . . market  closing down at 488,      see what I mean?  This IS more than a bump in the road; it is a correction with an attitude.  Some say it was due or expected.  This would in fact seem to be coming from China as it  HAS been manipulating its markets because it has been trying to survive.   Their plan hasn’t worked and some fear an implosion.  It isn’t news that China has problems and needs to STABILIZE.  We should be hoping they find a decent manner to do just that as our economy as well as theirs depends on it all working out, if the world is to have Global Stability.  America demonstrates a great deal more civility, fairness and daylight (transparency) than China has shown in their move into the 21 century — we have a number of things to be unhappy about in our mutual inter-reationship.  But survive we must, so a peaceful path is best and easier to live with.  We MUST work for the “Greater Good” and strive toward unity. . .for we are partners.  To add fuel to the fire when they are in trouble is not the way of peace.

So our  markets took a hit today just under 4% (down from 8%).  We, however, remain the most STABLE economy in the world.   How does that happen while all the other economies ARE from struggling a bit to far worse off?  China must don a huge new thinking cap to start to set things right and let’s hope they do.. . . . the world needs that!  Could be U.S.A. has some pretty decent leadership after all,  for sure SOME ONE has their eye on the ball.

In the meantime TRUMP is erupting away with his infinite wisdom bleating and braying all over the place,  saying as if in point of proof, that  “this is what I’ve told you. . . China is bringing us down, taking our jobs, our money,  and on and on” . . . “all because we don’t have anyone in Washington who knows what they’re doing!   Our Government is run by idiots!”  He is being a rabble-rouser, bringing everyone down, stirring things up and ruffling feathers that instead – need soothing,  guess this is his MO.  His behavior isn’t remotely helpful or positive, just action that is antagonistic, negative  and causes friction and trouble – something he seems to thrive on.   But not an asset for intelligently dealing with your people and especially world dignitaries.   This  isn’t a hallmark of an effective ‘politician’ which one MUST be able and willing to handle.

This, in modern lingo is what one calls  “pushing the panic button.”   So what’s wrong with that?   Its a reflection of how he thinks. . .reacts under pressure — not a good thing!  This man is so consumed with his own persona, . . . image, sound –  one who is so immersed in self that he can’t truly identify his impact on others around him (assuming, generously, that he even wishes to).  Most of us have learned from experience that it is folly to expect normal/usual interaction with someone with so large an egotistic, bombastic construct, . . . and therefore,  pay little attention to it.   Guess that is one reason  most felt him to only be that which he has always been. . .  variously, . . a flash in the pan. . . . .he’ll be bored – then be gone. . . . he’ll never make it to the debates –  just wait til he tries to outline his so-called plans and explain them  (like any other candidate must do).   Oh, right, he refuses to play by the rules;  his way or the highway — most of us heard that!  He is above everything.

This man is such an obnoxious bore and not even a quasi-intellectual  but then again, he refuses to be JUDGED by usual means/standards  – he is so SPECIAL and so, so humongously, absurdly RICH. . . well don’t you know, he is entitled to just be himself without apology.  He insults one and all – no exceptions.   Let the chips fall where they may.   His bombastic, unethical, infantile (or childish) roaring at anyone he choses,  seems to be working  as he derides, insults his opponents and everyone else who classifies as a politician.  Most of all, he has hurt the Grande Ole Party which I must admit deserved some admonishment.  Guess I’ve never seen a party gain so much and then set about to abuse that power and hurt the American people by ignoring a foundational GREATER GOOD formula which always served our country’s people best.  Judging by the large lead he is maintaining over his co-aspirants to be the new leader of the GOP, one reality becomes apparent.   A great many people never learned that the best technique to use against a BULLY is to “Stand-Up-To-Them.”   I thought all kids learned that in school.  

Furthermore, it is painful to keep hearing the drumbeat of dirty politics, corruption, people coming to Washington to get rich – selling out to the corporate structure rather than the job they were elected to do — serve their people’s needs.  We all see it happen, but I don’t see anyone who says they will take this on, other than the progressives on the Democratic side,  so you know where my hope lies.  So, yes, all American voters have been lied to, cheated, had their RIGHTS and FREE CHOiCE eroded, inch by inch, bringing us fake food, toxic medicines, little choice in the kind of “doctoring” which they prefer and need; and being force fed polluted waters, crops grown on depleted (sterilized) soils, then fertilized with toxic (oh so limited)  fertilizers;  and animal husbandry wherein animals are force-fed wrong diets they would never choose on their own, kept in tormenting confines and then brutally slain.  Animals are sick,  our food-stuff is devitalized and mostly GMO’s no-one wants. Our voices are not in the equation since the law-making system is in the more profitable work of serving the corporate need –  who can compete?  MUCH MORE STUFF NEEDS TO CHANGE.

And from all these government sanctioned essentials of our lives being all but mandated –we have no choice other than to develop into the partially-functioning, diseased beings who are trying to figure stuff out for ourselves, because our protective agencies don’t even try to protect us from  toxic overload which tears our body and it’s resources down – wrecking it’s innate immunity.  We have been sold down the river by FDA, BIG-AG, and now the sites are torpedoing in on our last best hope – EPA.  We demand cessation of fluoridated water. . . . .sign petitions up the gazoo and still get nowhere.  We are forced to take up thousands of individual “State” lawsuits to get anywhere. . .it ain’t right!  We demand FOOD LABELS, but the huge conglomerates drag out even more billions to win their suits as we persist!  Still the European nations are so far ahead of us. Don’t think they are any smarter than us, but their voices DO get heard.  So we continue to be poisoned by every known toxin and no one is watching out for us.  e.g. . . .Amalgam fillings in dentistry.  Known for over 150 years that Mercury is so toxic (tho natural and every where on earth),  but needs to be handled with great care – never breathed.  Yet it is 50% by volume in the dental product known as amalgam, but is called “Silver.”  It is in the mouths of a majority of Americans.  We’re told it’s safe and of course, far cheaper – all fully outlined and shown in the docu-film Mercury Undercover.  FDA should have prevented this from happening, but didn’t!  Still going on.  It maims and kills!

Science is being trashed; we have GLOBAL WARMING.  It has become CORPORATE GREED  vs EARTH/HUMAN  Survival.   It turns out that our first black president who has been so ill-treated and hated will wind up with more pluses in his historic accomplishment column,  than any other person.  He is exceptional – had to be, few others could have survived the abuse he bore. . .with dignity, grace and able to maintain his wit and humor.   Good job, Mr. President.  But no one person can do all that needs doing, nor was it designed that way.  Indeed, much has to change in Washington or not only is Earth doomed — but we are too.  Then where will all the amassed wealth derived from all that greed be – – right in there with all the rest of our decaying planet with nothing left but a memory of the lushness it once was.  

So yes,  All Americans have a right to be hugely pissed about much.  We have been ill-treated by far too many, denied equal rights, fairness and the freedom to choose for ourselves – rights we never ceded to anyone — nor should we!   But grotesquely negative behavior without restraint or any trace of decency or common courtesy should never be condoned let alone tolerated or encouraged.  Big Nay to TRUMP!  Sit down an just cool it!  And other Republicans – wake up, Stand up to the Bully and take hold of your own destiny –  that weirdo can’t touch you, he’s just fiddling’ w/ya and not as powerful as he thinks.  Be straight!   Tell em what you believe. . . something might stick – won’t know until you try.

Investors,  use your noggin, don’t set your heart on selling low to prevent loss – – it’s too late, you’re already in.  We’re having a correction, if you hang tuff for a while, chances are if your investment was cool to start. . . you’ll be fine.    (Been there, done that, but alas – no guarantees)  Jan


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