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August 23, 2015

Duped by ‘Dental Care,’. . yeah


I MUST BE KIDDING – – RIGHT?   Actually, I’m not;  and for the simple reason that it defies logic for any of us to believe that either our doctors OR our political ‘leaders’ could ever allow such as this which is fully documented in this docu-film.  These practices have been going on for well over a century and a half causing pain, all kinds of illness and disease, leading to hopeless lives and death.   The FDA has refused to intervene even tho this is their absolute area of responsibility and sworn duty to “protect.”     While as the documentary reveals. . .the info isn’t new (most of the insiders know and others suspect), it has nevertheless has been kept highly “Secret” in concerted effort to keep truth from all of us at all costs.  This is an extraordinarily profitable business.  This remains at the heart of all things . . .s0-called medical.  That much we already know.  Profit is the core of the business of medicine.  .  .  which was once (back in the day),   a calling, and much loved and respected.    

This film was created in 2011, but I am only now hearing of it.. . tho I’ve known for decades about the destruction of Mercury and how it can degrade our health,  but it was not to this extent.    This is why I have posted so often every time I learned of another holistic or alternative dentist.  These were the people who are not devoted to the ‘drill and fill’ routine. . .but rather, the ‘proper care’ and maintenance of our teeth so that they CAN last a lifetime.  

Need I remind those who don’t know me (once again). . .that I still haven’t seen a dentist for rather a few years now, having been told by the last one (a recommendation from someone I love and trust), that it would take about $28,000 to restore my mouth.  So stunned and wounded by him at this news, I resolved to just take care of my mouth on my own.  His dental hygienist who had just finished the preliminary work before he came in had already complimented me on the pretty good condition she thought my mouth to be in.  I told her what I did for pain when I had it and she was interested to learn more so I gave her my card ad told her about my blog in which I have always shared practically anything I knew.   Told her about the neem oil which I use daily to insure the tight gums and healthful oral ambiance.  Make all my own dental products from my kitchen;  use soft bristle brushes made by Dr Collins, and of course the ViaJet with warm/hot salt water – – hard-streaming for several minutes.  I’ll be 86 in about a week and gotta say, my teeth are as happy now as they have ever been.  

It is a shame that we can’t learn all these practical things from our dentists, still, many such as myself go out of our way to learn all we can. . .e.g. reading labels of products (organic and pricey) of individuals such as Nadine Artemis who supplies her “living libations” products through David Wolfe’s Longevity Warehouse and is often a guest speaker there.  I notated almost everything from her I could get.  She’s the real McCoy and to be admired, and I HAVE gained much from her

We owe it to ourselves and everyone we know and love to hear the facts for themselves.  ThIs still remains the best way to protect ourselves and families- – – to be informed.      But why stop there?   Shouldn’t we spread the word around til it is common knowledge, then coalesce into a thunderous voice and demand justice, transparency and truthfulness?  What is being done in our country (with all our rights and protections in place) is just flat-out, CRIMINAL. .WE

We have the right and responsibility to speak up not only for ourselves, but all those who aren’t able to speak for themselves such as children who deserve the best and the poor and the indigent.  If not you and me  — then who?    Jan

(Note:  After all of this preamble – I can’t get the film over here from the Mercola site.  I loved it, it’s a remarkable piece of work.  Dr Mercola said this is a  FREE limited engagement of  FEW DAYS only, but no matter what I did – couldn’t access!.  What is below is only a small trailer of the movie hat I found on Youtube.  You might go to Dr Mercola’s site directly if you choose and access it directly but must hurry if want   it FREE.   I apologize.  JT)


 Mercury Awareness Week

(mercury toxicity amalgam fillings)

Mercury Undercover – YouTube
Video for MERCURY UNDERCOVER Film on Youtube▶ 1:10:24
Jul 2, 2012 – Uploaded by Nelson Madison Films/Indie Rights
“Mercury Undercover” unveils the dirty truth about the dangers of … This compelling docu-film brings light …











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