SMOKINCHOICES (and other musings)

July 23, 2015

How d’ya pick a favorite color?

Broad interests make it hard to choose

Recently, I became aware of “BENEDICTA” a CD out now which is apparently all the rage and breaking sales records  – in America!  This confounds the experts, sorta — the voices on this are entirely monks; well trained, to be sure — all oriented in music and it shows.  The confusing part to the executive mind is this is ‘all chants’. . . solemn, devotional, heart-felt and sacred sounds from these monastic souls. . . and people are buying it up like its diamonds being given away for pennies.  

It’s not a secret – not telling tales out-of-school or anything like that;  but Americans are not the church-goers they used to be.  In fact, they are staying away from churches in droves.  .  .  .  this could make one worry about the so-called ‘body of Christ’.   (FRANCIS can’t do everything on his own, by himself!)   This has confused the experts, and I can see why.  If humanity has fallen away — how does one account for this evident but peculiar taste in music?  Why is this happening?   Well, “Stuff Changes” I’m prone to reflect.    

Our way of life may alter,  habits change,  affiliations take a different path. . .all varying externals over which we often have no control.  We can try to stay where we are – remain rigid, and perhaps shrivel,. . .or adjust and go with the flow and experience sometimes wonderful and/or exciting new dimensions.  However we travel down that path we’re on, there is inside  each of us  a longing, yearning or even a need for ‘something more’ — there always has been because that’s the way we’re built.  Humans are clannish – we tend to cluster. . we need to belong, somewhere, somehow.  We seek relationship in many ways; close others, peers, sex, family, and for many – the church. All of it works.  Sometimes. . . none of it works! Longing and reaching out or even [so-called] up remains and is with us.  We are peculiar and complicated animals, but so it is.  And we are still around, most doing the best we can.  If there happens to be someone sitting on a sparkling white throne way up there, my bet he/she looks around and chuckles at all the weird entanglements,  smiles and nods approvingly.   This schoolhouse ain’t easy. . .but we’re making it.

 Anyway, it makes sense to me that all of us do that which feels good where-ever and when-ever we can. Part of being sane and healthy.  For some, ‘beauty’ in any or all forms (the arts) draws them;  Music is the dynamic transporter for a great many others. So many choices. . activity of some kind – hobby, craft or other passion. . sports and so on.  

When I read about BENEDICTA, I knew that I needed to buy it for this was one of my dominant preferences for enhancing background ambiance in my home. So I went online and got it.  It is lovely.  Truly like it.    My CD player accommodates  5 CD’s and I have them scatter so that variation, tone and tempo suit me.  Won’t remove any of the five for I LOVE them all better than the new fella in town. . . so I gave it to my son.  He’s not blown away, but he likes it too.  

Just in case others may be kinda on my wave length too, and enjoy ‘soul music’ which lifts, is beautiful, can be used for calming or meditation or turn it up and let it penetrate your cells, whatever,  gonna tell you what I’m using for decades, so here goes:

CANTICLES OF ECSTASY (hildegard von bingen) . . sequentia  [so beautiful,  – orange and blue circles/cover)        

FROM HEART TO CROWN (Rob Whitesides-Woo). . Serenity    [once you hear it, U wouldn’t give it up either]

PATH OF THE HEART  (Max Highstein). . .Serenity       [ just plain magic]                                                                                                        

PENDULUM     (KEVIN KELLER) . . . Lectonic Soundscapes  1999    [Masterful  sounds seldom heard]                          

CHANT  ( Benedictine Monks) . . . Angel        [Mine is 1994,  original in 1973 and was  similar hit as Benedicta]

There you have it.   Try one of them, you’ll probably like it. . .mine is playing now. . you should hear it.                                                            Be happy,       .Jan   


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