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July 17, 2015

Healthy-Hot “abs”? . .here’s how

Clear, doable info for sporting Hot Abs

So what’s the big deal with “abs”?     Plenty!  Unless we’re totally out of it. . .we ALL care.  If we’re 20, svelte and gorgeous – we care, regardless of gender.  As life gets more complicated and the decades pile up. . .perhaps we care even more.  Add to that the pressure to be ahead of the curve and not only remain relevant — but LOOK the part as well,  of course we care.  Maybe nothing says we may be losing it like the flabby gut, the beer belly or looking a few months pregnant all the time . .  .  definately not cool if one is shall we say of a certain age?   Stuff happens!  

Whether it’s lack of knowledge,  peer pressure,  lack of time or ongoing overload of responsibilities. . .which might prevent achieving our ideal self-image, we all care about our appearance because, like it or not,  how we ‘look’ is broadcasting to others ‘who we are’ and ‘how we are’ — what makes us tick and also, the things which matter to us.  Along with all that, we not only choose to look healthy, but to BE healthy as well.  So yeah,   more than hair-style,  our clothes we wear or the car we drive; our health and vitality are pivotal which IS  reflected in our overall reflection.  

What follows here in this email from Dr Mercola is a sharing from his personal trainer who keeps not only Dr Mercola and his entire staff – fit and healthy, but his extended clientele numbering in the hundreds.  It is far better than I hoped for,  as I am one of those ignoramuses who happens to intensely dislike ‘exercise’ – thus do very little of it. Pathetic, I know.  This guy has covered all bases tho, from beginners to super-advanced and he speaks clear, easy to comprehend language which isn’t off-putting at all, and he does all this with specificity to ensure  one understands the importance of each movement

 So I have bookmarked this episode and have high hopes.  If there is hope for me – anyone can give this a try.  Looks good!   Jan


6 ways to maximize push ups

Better Than Sit-Ups for Toning Your Abs

Believe it or not, this overlooked exercise may be better than sit-ups for building a strong upper body and midsection.          But you need to get it right – by following these five simple steps…


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