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June 27, 2015

Bernie or Hillary?. . .um. . .

From Bill Moyers: Hillary’s “Wall Street Address”

Since I don’t know how popular Hillary’s  “Wall Street Address” was, because, well — I needn’t belabor the point, I’m just not a Hillary fan, never have been and most definately – never will be.  (For so many obvious reasons.)  Crestfallen as I was at Elizabeth’s refusal to run. . .but accepting her decision as no doubt, a wise one;  became overjoyed with the direction Bernie decided to tread.  There simply is not a better person – – man or woman,  in the world who could do a better job, let alone half as well as he can  with only half trying!     It disgusts me that “smart money” almost treats his effort as amusing.   Believe this is anchored in the fact that Bernie is not part of any “money machine,”  isn’t on the take and never has been in anyone’s pocket.  He is his own man;  is totally transparent, open and truthful. . .and especially knowledgeable which is enormously important. 

Bernie is my “Man”.  .  the one I shall vote for;  but I am not unaware of the enormous chasm between the Clinton machinery and Power base and the unimaginable reaches of their ability to “Control” the financial direction of her candidacy as compared to Bernie’s.  Bernie must rely on us. . .the little guys if he is to have any kind of shot.  Kinda tuff for someone like me who really wants to help, but I can only do my little $5.00 donations as often as I can because one can only do so much with social security (who knew I’d live so long?)   But here is where my faith in our fellow Americans to grow some and muscle our way thru.  My Gawd, we’re all so beaten down with the way Washington has NOT  worked for the so-called ‘middle-class’ – – with everything being controlled by corporate greed and their ability to buy all political machinations to suit their needs while ignoring the needs and demands of the people.  Enuff already!  All it takes is for more to become aware of just how important EACH OF US REALLY IS because we have more votes than they do!  We simply must believe that, kinda organize and just DO IT!  We gotta try for a real human being with a beating heart and soul and the necessary smarts to sit in that Oval Office  

And one more thing, Bernie has gumption, is up to the task — won’t back down from his principles.  His entire life has shown what those principles are, because they are deeply ingrained.  So if we all dug down a little, we can get Bernie where he needs to go to get his message out.  When people hear, see him – they get him and know what to do.  He’s not after personal wealth, just the funds to get from here to there.  Our kind of man.  Go Bernie. . .rise my brothers and sisters,  it is time to start thinking about all this stuff;  if not now – when?              (I’m counting on all of us. . ., Jan)



Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Address

Her campaign kickoff speech at Roosevelt Island may not have had the symbolism that Hillary Clinton intended. By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

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