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June 21, 2015

NO on “FAST TRACK” Why?. .read on. . .

My Comment first:. . and forgive me Mr President

(Important to Americans caring about health, food & fairness)

Because I’ve been an Obama fan from the git-go;  admired the vision he projected for us all, as he ran for President, and of course the courage that he and his family have shown and endured as he attempted to achieve those idealistic goals, being the first man of color.  Indeed!  He has obviously had a hard row to hoe.  Not easy keeping one’s composure and dignity in tact amid slings and arrows and outright, vile, contemptible hatred and bigotry.   No stone has been left unturned  in effort to insure his complete failure.  

And yet — he has accomplished so much and continues to speak to honest issues, always telling it the way it is. That is why one could ‘trust’ him to do the right thing, and by golly he almost always has!  

But now, it is time for all of us to put our energy up front and personal to work to do the right thing ourselves by taking firm action – – loud and clear on this “FAST TRACK” thing.  Have no idea what’s in our president’s mind on this — but it ain’t right!  It defies honoring the constitution, eliminating or more succinctly – circumventing Congress.  Not right!  We need congress. its the way stuff works and it wasn’t always this corrupt (and we can blame ourselves, because we put them there).  

But there’s devious skulduggery afoot that would also become forceful in taking away our rights to reach accord for grievance in a court of law.   But how would anyone know that?  All has been developed and put together by minds of the Corporate Structure, with no input from those of us whose lives it impacts.  IT IS TOTALLY SECRET. Why?  It would NEVER pass muster!  No one has the right to expect this kind of fealty or trust.  

With so much confusion and distrust on this subject, plus those we DO TRUST IMPLICITLY e.g. Elizabeth Warren,. . .Bernie Saunders and many other deep thinkers who have the broader picture available to them are completely outspoken on this.  This isn’t something we can do quickly and clean up later if it doesn’t turn out right – when its done – its done!  The SENATE has already approved it.  We need to demand immediate action from our own congress-person – NOW.   Please listen to this short video from Dr Mercola – about 15 minutes to learn why its so important to our wishes about labeling, GMO’s and a bunch of other stuff we need to understand (like some of those in the TPP work for $0.60 hour).  How about competing with that?  PLEASE LISTEN TO THE VIDEO NOW:. . .link below.           Jan

  Two Urgent Action Items to Stop Corporate Power Grabs and Protect Your Health

Story at-a-glance

  • Fast Track gives the President the right to negotiate and finalize a trade agreement, and then present it to Congress for a yes or no vote. No amendments can be made at that point
  • Revisions in Pompeo’s bill, H.R. 1599 (the “DARK Act”) further expands it. In addition to stripping states of the right to pass GMO food labeling laws, it also preempts any and all state and local regulation of GE crops
  • It’s urgent to push Congress to oppose Fast Track and Pompeo’s bill, H.R. 1599, to protect state and national sovereignty, the US economy, and our environmental and public health


This Could Be the MOST Important Action You Take This Year

Even if you’ve never acted on this before, please don’t miss your chance to help define history – and protect Americans from one of the most dangerous substances ever. We have a rare opportunity to win big if enough people act. If we lose, the loss will be unconscionable.


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