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June 10, 2015

“Swallow This,” an expose’

Analysis Confirms Chemicals in Food Are More Hazardous  in Combination

Story at-a-glance

  • In the US, more than 10,000 additives are allowed in food, which includes those that are added directly to your food and those in the packaging, which can migrate to your food
  • Food additives are not automatically required to get premarket approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. Industry-friendly legal loopholes exempt many potentially risky additives from the approval process
  • Research shows even small amounts of chemicals found in the food supply can amplify each other’s adverse effects when combined, and some processed foods can contain a cocktail of hundreds of chemicals

Do You Still Eat These Cancer Promoting Foods?

Research links them to cancer, just for starters. They’re also linked to Alzheimer’s, heart disease, organ damage, and can make your kids hyper. Yet it’s far simpler to sidestep the risks than you probably believe. And your health hangs in the balance.


My comment:    

This interview from Dr Mercola’s library with Joanna Blythman, a Scottish researcher/writer, whose main interest is the food we eat. . . has truly blown the lid off this dreadful , global travesty.  This shows how little is really known about how it is handled from harvesting the crop/food to the final presentation. . .which we buy and consume, trusting that all is well.  But it isn’t!   Our only weapon is information  from which we can (possibly) gain truth.  We owe this to ourselves.   What we choose to do with the information is up to each of us individually.  We must eat.   But there is only so much we can do.  At least, armed with the facts, we can make more intelligent decisions.  It’s called “the power of the purse.”

I believe you will find this as distasteful as I do.    Because of economics, circumstances or even political corruption and/or corporate ignorance/greed. . . .sometimes we seem to have no choice, but we do.  First must be the desire, then hunger for truth and the capacity to choose wisely based on what we know. . .if we are to have any shot at a healthy, normal life.  

A most emphatic belief is that we are entitled under the law to much more freedoms than we are currently exercising.  One by one  many people of authority from SCOTUS to the heads of most major governmental bureaus and departments; FDA, Agriculture – both principally involved with what we eat, how our food is grown and harvested, how our cattle are abused in the raising and slaughter of them. . .so much, all beyond our control.  We elect those to do the job of protecting citizenry in so many ways, but in the end — seems so many just come to Washington to get really well-paid.  We are let down, cheated!  

And I do get carried away, don’t I?  Perhaps I’ve lived too long for one,  and I never seem to know when to quit. .ah, well.  It’s true, one can become a bit jaded with what we are seeing!   The trick is to keep one’s focus and try to look for the more positive and beautiful – – the goals and desires we ACTUALLY WANT.  That helps?  You betcha!  Just when I had about given up hope on my fellow Americans and their lack of interest in anything but their own little four walls (if they have any),  I am witnessing people responding across the nation  to an honest voice of proven ability and integrity who is experienced beyond belief, plugging away for decades with the same emotion, passion and ethics. . .trying to insure that America is for ALL of us, not just the privileged few who seem to have everything but, want it all – – more, more, ad infinitum. . . I had fallen under the spell of the saw that we deserve the kind of government we get.  But what we’ve got is so bad that most of us can’t bear to look at it.  Everyone lies, says what is profitable (in their minds). . .and it keeps getting worse.  

We are a lawful nation.  Many of us grew up believing all that we learned,  equality, our legal rights.  For some decades now,  it is no longer fashionable to teach all us underlings how government works — just keep us ignorant, ergo,  controllable.  Now, it seems change just might be getting a chance to come about.  Have you seen those crowds everywhere  “Bernie” speaks?  We aren’t so stupid after all. . .we know a beautiful, believable sound when we hear it.  Like everything else, my friends,  it IS in our hands. . .we do have a choice, but we must make it clear what we want and then follow thru.  

As to this food thing . . .what this post is about,  think you will be glad you listened to it.  Can only help.  We should be stunned at the devious machinations — all being done to do WHAT THEY WANT, even though – they know we won’t approve it.  As meager as our culinary abilities might be, we simply MUST prepare our own food from the bare fruit, veggie or animal protein.  Try not to screw it up with a bunch of thou shalts and shall nots. . . KISS, go slow, have fun – you’ll get there  Ms Blythman has gone under-cover to amass her evidence, alias and all.  What she has done is remarkable and a benefit to all of us.   Her newest book is SWALLOW THIS  “serving up the food industry’s darkest secrets”    She has a website also in which she cites”much by way of other articles she has done” is there free for the reading/taking so one can get a gist of the book.  Couldn’t get the full name on it. . .but it starts with her name and ends with .com (Mercola didn’t get it, so I didn’t either).  She said, just put her name in the browser and you’ll find it.    Enjoy the video – there is much to hear,          Jan


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