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May 22, 2015

WTO gets to make our Laws?

Don’t be ‘Pushed around’ — Make own decisions

Received this today from the CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY.   I know that most of you [like me] want to make decisions like this for me and my family  without some person or Organization on the other side of the world dictating my choices.   This is just more of the same ole, same ole. . . the corporate structure using its “power” to get what it wants any way it can.   .  .  .  just STOP IT!  Let your elected official (Senators, congressmen and the President know how important this is to all of us — especially YOU.  Don’t wait – this is happening now.   Jan


On Monday the World Trade Organization (WTO) issued a final ruling against the U.S. country-of-origin labeling policy that allows American consumers to know where their meat is born, raised, and slaughtered.

Consumer and farm advocates fought for more than a decade to get Country of Origin Labels (COOL) for our food — and won! Due to overwhelming consumer and farmer support, country of origin labeling on our fruit, vegetables, and meat became mandatory in the U.S. as part of the 2008 Farm Bill.

In light of the WTO ruling against the U.S., House Agriculture Committee Chairman K. Michael Conaway (R-TX) has introduced legislation (HR 2393) to repeal the Country of Origin Labeling requirements for beef, pork, and chicken. The House Agriculture Committee approved the bill yesterday by a 38-6 vote, sending it to the House floor for consideration.

Don’t let Congress take away our right to know where our food is produced!

Our food safety policies in this country should not be dictated by a closed-door trade tribunal. The WTO has essentially overruled our democratic law making process and demonstrates how trade agreements—like “fast track” approval for the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement currently being debated in Congress—can lower U.S. food safety standards.

We need Congress and President Obama to stand up for country of origin labeling, not use the WTO ruling to give giant meat producing companies what they’ve wanted all along – secrecy when it comes to where your food was raised.

Rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater by repealing COOL, the U.S. should slow down and take the time to find a legislative solution that works without sacrificing the fundamental purpose of existing U.S. law and regulation.

Now is the time for President Obama to make a forceful defense of these sensible consumer labels and to tell Congress that he won’t sign any legislation that undermines, weakens or eliminates country of origin labeling.

Tell Congress and President Obama to stand up for your right to know where your food is coming from and to protect country of origin labels!

Thanks for everything you do,
Center for Food Safety  


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