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April 30, 2015

Overcome cancer many ways

 3 in 100 got Cancer 100 yrs ago – now its 1 in 3

Stuff changes, doesn’t it?   We weren’t dealing with GMO’s, chemical fertilizers, sprays and insecticides.  In those days, simple crop rotation, plowing all the fertile stuff back in.  All healthy – hard work, sure, but life was good.  Progress changed everything and now our odds of facing cancer have dramatically mushroomed to outlandish proportions.  Science tells us that 95% of cancer illness today is brought about by environmental toxicities.   That means even if you do almost everything right, live clean,  eat wholesome foods, you still face a crap-shoot.  We know what misery and odds we face with the current medical statistics  and the landscape we live in.  

Those who have been readers of ‘smokinchoices’ over the years understand how much I rail at the status quo which ignores the simplicity of the more natural approach.  Have covered it all over and over;  not doing that now, but merely passing on some of the info from a marvelous email I received today from a company I respect deeply who functions in the “natural” field with electronic equipment I happen to admire, use and own.  The main thrust here is a man who has devastatingly lost many family members to cancer.  He made it his mission to find out why cancer happens, to discover what options people might have, and also what we might do to prevent it.  It was a heroic task.  It is presented beautifully with many excellent and respected experts.  I love it.  Life being what it is, the following information might just come in rather handy and be beneficial to you.   Jan


Healing Cancer …

What to do … if you want to heal your body naturally … even from cancer? A video series, “The Quest for Cures,” brings a sense of confidence in the body’s ability to heal itself—even from late stage cancers after all established treatments have failed.

The original series, featuring 28 doctors, 11 scientists and 9 individuals—passionate people who share numerous therapies as well as their personal experiences to heal cancers—was originally aired in 11 episodes. Ty Bolinger, the producer, has made two episodes of the series available on YouTube.

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

Fasting … Health Benefits from even Brief Fasting

Fasting isn’t something at the top of most people’s to-do lists—in fact, the only reason most of us have ever fasted is because it was required for a medical procedure or we wanted a quick way to lose those last few pounds. Surprisingly, recent research reveals the healing power of even a short 2–day fast. A study at the University of Southern California shows amazing results for short-term fasting with both human trials and research using mice. In human trials, individuals were asked to fast for periods of two to four days over the course of six-months. The research, led by Professor Valter Longo of the USC Davis School of Gerontology, indicates fasting can promise major benefits “for the elderly and people suffering from damaged immune systems, such as cancer patients.”

Read Article

Dr. Longo reveals the surprising results that fasting is nearly as effective as chemotherapy in retarding tumor growth in “Dr. Valter Longo – Fasting Cycles Retard Growth of Tumors.”

Watch Video

Also worth reading is a USC News report by Suzanne Wu titled, “Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system.”

Using Humor … Seriously!  

In this four-part series, Pastor Mark Gungor brings us the gift of humor to foster a healing approach to relationships.

Part 1: Using Humor to Understand Our Differences

Internationally known speaker Mark Gungor gets us laughing as he talks about the contrast between males and females in a humorous, caring way—highlighting our differences and foibles with wit and whimsy.

Enjoy a good chuckle watching “The Nothing Box” as Gungor shines the spotlight on how males and females differ… all with the purpose of strengthening relationships.

Part 2: Using Humor to Better Relate to Our Nearest and Dearest

What attracts men to women?Mark Gungor’s answer may surprise you in “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.”Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Gungor’s humor applies … Don’t miss the “Mirror in the Mall” sequence, offering an especially telling insight into our differences as males and females.

Part 3: Using Humor to Understand Our Differences about Sex 

To peals of laughter, Mark Gungor shares three little words men utter during the night … three words, he says, every woman loves to hear. He also uses two symbols to highlight a central issue in marriage—a heart and a happy face—to bring humorous insights to our differences.

In “Sex Is What Men Want from Women”, Mark Gungor says, “God wired us [men] this way. And He did it on purpose. What was that purpose?”

Part 4: Using Humor to Reset Our Relationships 

In this fourth and final installment, Mark Gungor uses humor to show how to avoid bitterness and resentment. Both men and women unconsciously score points during daily living. Men, he says, give themselves high bonuses for everything they do so then sit back and wait for women to catch up. Women score much differently … and expect men to catch up.

Yes, we know, it is a looooong video, but well worth the watch if you are interested in learning how women and men unconsciously score relationships. It helps to broaden our perspective so we can create balanced relationships in our own lives based on love and honor. Creating healthier relationships translates into a healthier life.

We invite you to watch “How to Stay Marriеd and Not Kill Anybody” and learn how to even up the score …

Love Taps Why I think this world should end 

Through the eyes of a poet, Hip Hop artist Prince Ea explores the more destructive influences on humanity and our planet – factors like greed, corruption, racial or religious persecution – all becoming the “norm”.  He shares how we each can counter this and create a better world through kindness … forgiveness … compassion.

Prince Ea inspires us to open our hearts to “the most powerful weapon on the face of the Earth”… “The path to a new beginning starts … within YOU.”

We invite you to watch this inspiring message that if heeded, can transform our world, one person at a time

Watch Video

The Elephant Whisperer 

Elephants are known for their intelligence and their emotional sensitivity. Lawrence Anthony’s faceoff with a hostile matriarch at the head of a herd of elephants that had learned to hate humans is in itself an amazing story, as is how Anthony managed to transform the herd and in so doing saved their lives. The most amazing story of all, however, is the way they listened to their inner guidance—their connection with Spirit—to know that their beloved friend had passed away.

Enjoy their story in “Wild elephants gather inexplicably, mourn death of Elephant Whisperer.”

For more on Lawrence Anthony’s work with elephants, view this interview from 2009, “Lawrence Anthony’s Rehabilitation of Elephants.”

Watch Video

Read Article

Watch Video

Watch Video

Watch Video

Watch Video

Read Article


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