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April 16, 2015

Dr J Wright-Nature’s Original Medicine

Allergy & Hay Fever Remedies – From Dr. J.V. Wright’s Team

Have subscribed to Dr Jonathan Wright for years for he is a favorite of mine .  He is  an original thinker, long outside the box for which he has been heavily watched and criticized by the ‘establishment’ . .he has given much and continues to do so.   Recently, been getting these strange new letters which are newsworthy and    helpful.  I especially like (and didn’t ever check out before) the fact that he maintains speaking, call-in radio talk shows in which patients and newcomers can ask questions.  I love it.  So for those who didn’t know this, I wanted to share with you.  He has many archived episodes listed, each time;  both recent and past.  

The first part of this is a link to a doctor there at his  Tahoma Clinic by the name of Christine Maria Persa, MS, ND.  She speaks on  Top 9 Quick, Easy & Natural Hay Fever Remedies.


Dr. Wright and his staff regularly run the following events, tune or show up, if you’re in the area.

1.   Green Medicine radio show runs every Saturday from noon-2pm, on KVI. You can listen live from their website here:

2.   Tuesday Talks are live talks run at the Tahoma Clinic. You can learn more about them here:
Some have been recorded and are available here:


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