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April 16, 2015

Allow your Brain 2 detoxify

Lack of Sleep Promotes Alzheimer’s by Preventing Critical Detoxification

Brain has a Waste Removal System?

A number of studies have linked poor sleep or lack of sleep to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease; one reason for this is because your brain’s waste removal system only operates during deep sleep.

By pumping cerebral spinal fluid through your brain’s tissues, the glymphatic system flushes the waste from your brain back into your body’s circulatory system, from where it can be eliminated.

During sleep, the glymphatic system becomes 10 times more active than during wakefulness. Simultaneously, your brain cells shrink by about 60 percent, allowing for greater efficiency of waste removal.

Been meaning to post this message from Dr Mercola which is so vital to all of us at any age, for at times we ALL are unkind to our bodies in the sleep-deprivation department.  Little do we understand just how great the damage can be until it is often too late.  We all do it — trying to cram too much into each day rather than just calling it a day!  

I found this entire  story, the videos, the text of the message – the whole thing so valuable, I simply HAD to pass it on.  Til we die — we can all learn.   I must take issue with one thing and it kinda bothers me,  and that is that while Alzheimer’s Disease has no cure. . . and then any message follows.  

Just to be clear, I may seem to be a contrarion, iconoclastic or a flat-out rebel,  I dunno. . .but when I finally realized about ten years ago that Alzheimer’s had encroached on my own life (having both parents die with it), and knowing what the prognosis suggests — no cure!  I fell into a deep funk, admittedly.  I mourned my own end-time, felt helpless.  Had been deeply engaged in life’s pursuits ( raising my two granddaughters who were just entering middle school; they had been indescribably important to me.) How could I handle all this. . .what to do?  The pity party served no purpose; made it worse.  

Determined to do what I could, I went thru many clues and every option I could find.  Was more blessed than many because of being a rebel – never gave up fats, used real butter, eggs as I wanted, avocado, nuts and seeds and had been raised on animal protein plus of course the plant kingdom. . .i.e. my diet was good per my standards. Our body, especially the brain and heart need FAT. .and I had never liked low-fat anything, so it seems this was a good thing, a plus.  

When I learned of Dr Mary Newport and her experience of trying to restore her husband’s health from the grip of Alzheimer’s back to the loving, witty and capable companion she had known and cherished, I was rewarded with the answer I needed.  She succeeded using Coconut Oil,  wrote a book about it – “What If There Was a Cure for Alzheimer’s?”  Showcased her several times here at ‘smokinchoices”.  Had learned about the strides made in the Netherlands with high potency B vitamins. .done what I could of that!  And  have added  a Niacinamide Protocol to the mix which I am easily able to handle (posted on that too).  In short, My beloved Brain is out-doing my other organs and holding up it’s end of the game.  Not saying I’m cured, mind you – think there’s a law against that which the medical complex won’t allow by force of the federales.  Besides, I no longer have the memory which easily provided book, page and line reference when I needed it – – before, way before.  

But now, because of this news about the way the brain cleanses itself and the fact that it needs DEEP SLEEP in which to do it,  well, let’s just say, I have some changes which must take place. . .and happy to do it, grateful for this.           Jan                      (follow the link below)


This “Brain Enema” Flushes Away Harmful Alzheimer’s-Linked Proteins

If there was a “superman” for Alzheimer’s, this would be it. When you do this, you ramp up the activity of this cleansing process – making it up to 10 x more active – allowing your brain to flush away a harmful protein called amyloid-beta, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s.


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