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April 8, 2015

Hippocrates Soup 1,2,3 = ‘Health’

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 Hippocrates (soup), let me count the ways. .

Tho I have had much to say about Hippocrates Soup in general and raved endlessly about Dr Max Gerson  and attempted to express my gratitude for Charlotte Gerson and the way she has devoted her life to insuring that her father’s  great gifts and talents were not forgotten, but continue to reach out to the millions who have successfully availed the technology, protocol and results of his work.  He was simply a brilliant man who wasn’t seeking a cure for cancer, but in fact, was just trying to cure himself of terrible headaches.  Being curious as well, he was blessed with relief as the result of his efforts.  His book is a good read, but I enjoy Charlotte’s more.    

His patients were diverse with a variety of illness and mal-functions.  And they knew a good thing when they saw it, so they spread the word around when their own friends had anything which went wrong.  One such referred patient came to him with tuberculosis and demanded the same cure he had given to so-and-so.  And so it went. . .til finally he was curing cancer or anything else which came his way.  He was a brilliant, full-on doctor from Europe, but apparently his old-school ways of thinking that diet and nutrient were vital in confronting whatever might go wrong with the body, allowed him to think outside the box.  Sorry, I do go on so.      

We need FIBER

I don’t have a cancer or worry about getting it, because I have tried to live and abide by what I have learned as I came down the path.  Being 85 now, it is a bit harder to do everything I’d like to be doing, so I must be selective about  how I fill my day.  As an example.  .  . my Hippocrates Soup is simmering away on the back burner now.  Have done a post or two on how I do it, but this time I just wanted to add a different slant.   You know what one of the major components of a nutritious, superior dietary health  plan is?   It is FIBER.  We as a species (especially in America) don’t get enough fiber. And that is one of the greatest causes or the genesis of so many illnesses.  So easy to fix.  Not with a jar or package of some chemical fiber from the shelf of A drug store — but from your own kitchen.  WE GET FIBER FROM PLANTS.  And I don’t mean by that fries made from GE potatoes fried in stale oil down at the fast food cafe.  Fresh stuff, as organic as you can afford.  This soup is practically ALL FIBER!   And mine is so delicious.    

I use the Gerson recipe, but add a thing or two and even change ingredients depending on what’s in the house when the desire hits me.   Seasonings aren’t called for with the Gerson recipe;  but I add a heaping Tablespoon of  TURMERIC  which I generally buy from Mt. Rose Herbs, because I can count on it being certified organic.  And I always add GARLIC (to almost everything but coffee).  I use a lot of it.  But I might suggest that you prepare it to have ready, but add near the end to get the most benefit (including the flavor) from it.   Try that difference – you may be surprised.  Then finally, I add one more thing  because I really like it  and feel it serves my needs well. And that is:    

LENTILS. . . (for the extra protein)  

The average budgetary status quo of most of us prevents us from affording the quality of animal protein we might prefer (which is to say. . .free range, grass fed, happy animals;  not tortured  — fed GMO corn,  soy  and grains to get them fat and sick and then pass all that on to us.)  That being said,  many of us feel better having ample protein in our routine. Ergo, Lentils, use red,  green,  brown even black for variety.  I love lentils.   Of course, Mushrooms are a good protein source too and dehydrated ones are quite good in soups.  When all is done, I use a stick blender to moosh it all up, and since I’v given up grains, I won’t be having sourdough bread slathered in butter to accompany all  (just one of the costs of being healthy and beautiful, besides, I’m worth it!  Bon appetite

So that’s what I’m having for dinner in a little while.  And a lovely salad.    

The two links below are both interesting and discuss the benefits of Hippocrates Soup from their own perspective (including the Gerson recipe.           Hope you find this useful    Jan


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