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April 4, 2015

PBS video “SOS: Save Our Soil”

This video/story  from Dr Mercola’s Library, is unlike so many other videos I have generally shown here which clearly demonstrates the destructive path our world and ALL it’s inhabitants are being forced to endure. .  .the  ‘chemical killing on a Global Scale;’  dreadful to face, endure and be forced to witness.  The heinous  crime which is being perpetrated by the GREED of Powerful Chemical Corporations both Agricultural and Pharmaceutical – – very much against the will of the People of Earth  who have been deceived and coerced, and  the “soul” and physical well-being of ALL are at risk.    This film is not that!  It is instead, a very hopeful, upbeat and helpful one,  showing that many are too busy “doing something” smart, creative and capable of having a regenerative influence on the planet and our very existence.    

We can change the world and NOT JUST LET IT KEEP sliding downward!      Jan

“SOS: Save Our Soil”  Shows Innovative,                      Sustainable Agriculture

Story at-a-glance

  • New video report shows how soil health affects the planet’s climate and ecosystem, and features a few innovative farmers with game-changing approaches to sustainable agriculture
  • The world’s soils have lost 50 to 70 percent of their carbon, much of which is now in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide
  • Humus, different from compost, nourishes soil for centuries and develops naturally if enough organic matter is added and the soil remains undisturbed.

Roosevelt’s 1937 Warning Is Now Bearing Down on Us
Our former president warned us: the nation that destroys this, destroys itself. Since then, we’ve done nothing but ignore him and are facing the consequences – some predict most of it will be lost in the next two generations, unless we tap into these new technologies…


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