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March 28, 2015

Demand right to choice GMO’s gotta GO!

We’re U.S. Citizens, not Slaves

This is perhaps the most illuminating piece ever presented on the subject of Freedom of Choice here at smokinchoices. I am still shaken, having watched the couple of videos and heard all the experts in the field of Science and Agriculture go the whole nine yards to put it all on the line. . . for the sake of our mutual futures and the health of our planet.  

No one is naive  enough to believe that our American people have condoned all this.  A great multitude of us have been carping and howling every inch of the way, signing petitions and giving money where we can to put a stop to it.  It IS KNOWN that our people do not want Genetically Modified anything whether seeds and plants  or  Frankinfish.  Most of us were satisfied with the way God (nature) designed stuff. . .giving us healthy, wonderful bodies with smart genes and a miraculous ability to sustain us to our natural ends.  But with the GMO’s introduction, we’ve witnessed the uprising of never before seen high-levels of disease and mal-function, unexplainable by any other measure.  Our health and choice have been wrenched from us. . . and seemingly, the integrity of our political system. . . otherwise, it could not have happened!    

Enough!   Our voices must be heard!   We must take back our government, demand they earn their pay by an HONEST DAY’S WORK – serving the needs of the people who put them there.   Our voices MUST BE HEARD and heeded!  We will NOT  continue to be poisoned by chemicals whether pharmaceuticals against our will or chemicals befouling and debasing our foodstuff and the soil from which it grows.  The Majority of Americans are tired of being treated like we don’t matter.  We do matter.  And we have the numbers and strength to revolt.  We demand civil obedience amongst ALL THE PEOPLE and that most especially means those who function in Washington.  We have rights and they ARE TO BE RESPECTED!   jAN

Monsanto—A Sustainable Ag Company?

Story at-a-glance

  • Monsanto now refers to itself as a “sustainable agriculture” company with no concept of what “sustainable” really means, as they recklessly violate all of its principles
  • USDA data shows that glyphosate use has increased 12-fold since 1996, when the first GE crops were introduced. This dramatic increase has cut the monarch butterfly population by 90 percent
  • San Diego is suing Monsanto for polluting the Coronado Bay with PCBs; the city says Monsanto knew the risks but chose to protect profits when prolonging the use of PCBs prior to the chemical being banned


The World’s Most Evil Corporation – Are You Eating Their “Safe” Foods?
If you are, then you’re trusting the same group of people who told you agent orange and dioxin was safe. Whatever you do – avoid eating products containing any of these two ingredients that are not 100 percent organic…


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