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March 21, 2015

Combat ‘breast tumors’ w/this

Aerobic exercise found to help fight off breast tumors


   Aerobic exercise is no friend to breast tumors, says a new study that suggests that regular physical activity might be a “novel adjuvant treatment” for women with breast cancer.  

New research conducted on mice found that a body that gets regular physical activity is a more-hostile environment for cancer’s growth in breast tissue than a sedentary body. And once breast cancer has gained a foothold, regular aerobic exercise makes a tumor more vulnerable to the effects of chemotherapy.  

The latest study, published on Monday in the   Journal of the National Cancer Institute, echoes earlier work by the same authors on the effects of exercise on prostate-tumor growth and treatment.  

In lab mice that were injected with breast-cancer cells, researchers compared the tumors of those given a running wheel with the tumors of mice that had no access to an exercise wheel and largely were sedentary. The mice that had running wheels exercised regularly, and their tumors grew more slowly, experienced more cell death and developed a more-robust network of blood vessels.  

Researchers surmised that tumors that were more fully served by blood vessels would respond better to chemotherapy, and they did: A group of mice that got both a running wheel and doses of the drug cyclophosphamide had a much lengthier delay in tumor growth than did sedentary mice who got no chemotherapy.   And, intriguingly, mice who exercised but got no chemotherapy had rates of tumor growth roughly the same as mice that got chemotherapy but had no opportunity to exercise.  

Human trials are needed to demonstrate the effectiveness of exercise in helping to treat breast cancer.

(My comment:  

This study is very encouraging for it points  to a clear path with which anyone can get on and greatly help him/her-self.   For this happens to be a high-level worry for a great many of our world – – mostly women.  We are being reminded endlessly of one causation or another such as the portent of our personal genome,  familial history which includes breast cancer, our diets,  unavoidable toxins in our polluted world, etc., etc.   Those who minds run more to seeking health rather than fearing disease and all the machinations of the ‘medical complex’ have little use for discussion of faulty genes or the presence of a dangerous or targeted gene to forecast our outcome.  Our genes were perfect at birth and would remain so if given a fair shot at normal function.  But the ‘advancements’  of our food industry has changed the food-stuff we consume diminishing nutrient – big time while also depleting the mineral content of the soil and introduced the chemical onslaught which is not only sterilizing the soil, but weakening our people.  Of course, this impacts our genes as nothing in our body ever stays the same – all is in flux.  

There is no  function in any part of the body which is not dependent on minerals.  Sterilized soil has no minerals except the chemical  big 3 which is plowed back in  (chemical – not natural minerals), plus the eternal pesticides, germicides – all more chemicals and all “Toxic.”    One must become vigilant and discerning if anything close to health is desired.  It’s not hard, it just takes doing, but do it one must.  Do it your way, what feels right to you.   This has been my mission – to open eyes to inform any who want to hear, the many, many ways we can do just that (in the over 2200 posts here at ‘smokinchoices’.  We don’t get minerals in our food anymore unless you can afford to buy Organic, sadly, which is what all food was 50 years ago and back beyond.  Now we have to pay double to get the toxins out of our body and attempt ‘real nutrition’.  Give a thought to buying a good vitamin supplement which has  all those trace minerals and elements we dearly need.  It makes a difference, I promise.

One can indeed be somewhat secure in our health future if we are doing our best to preserve health thru education of what the body needs; the nutritional content of our eating habits and the discipline to know  and act on – “you are what you eat”. . .brought down to us from no less than Hippocrates and others who were trained to observe and “see”. Now you must learn this on your own — you can do it.  

But back to the thrust of this article — they are saying aerobic exercise is helpful in circumventing breast cancer.  But I usually see stuff my own way.  To me the message is move it, folks.  The body is designed for movement.  To go all sedentary is to decline, grow old and fat and weak and start decaying.  Next thing you know, one can’t do the buttons anymore, or cut your toenails, and balance will go.  Sounds like disease to me.  Doesn’t have to be that way.  With my COPD, aerobic stuff won’t cut it for me.  Many have other problems and for one reason or another, this option is not for us.  But the cause/reason of what they are saying is still true.  We need to move it, sure. . .but what we’re really after is getting that circulation going to carry that blood and it’s oxygen to every cell in the body.  Gotta be. . .  There’s lots of ways to move the body — Tai chi, yoga, Pilates.  Walking is fine, but we need more if we want to improve the circulation.  I highly endorse the mini-trampoline for it’s all but miraculous benefits.  5 to 10 minutes a few times a day isn’t a bad way to go.  The main thing with breast cancer is the lymph system and making sure it is flowing the way it should. . .draining properly and the mini trampoline is about the best option I know.  Have done several posts on this over the last few years. So this is my best advice  for aiding the circulation.  

One more thing which I have recently seen is a program on PBS with Miranda Esmonde-White called ‘AGING BACKWARDS.’ Catchy title so I watched it and found it fabulous.  She had been in the field of body training  – athletes especially, but was drawn to this path in which health disappears from individuals at any age if they become inactive or sedentary  A teenager with a sports injury to a leg say, is sitting a lot and can’t use the limb.  When cast comes off, muscles have shrunk and leg is weak.  But as people ‘age’ and therein, also, become more sedentary. . stop doing ‘life,’  the slide downhill begins.  Her theory is that it is the moving about which is necessary, not pumping iron or doing heavy or exhausting exercise.  

Her classes seem large and varied from the young people to the octogenarians simultaneously moving around in these graceful motions, smoothly, rather slowly and very beautiful.  All doing the same movements, yet at their own pace.  Many were happy to relate how they had lost their independence and grown very weak and unstable, but thru this program, had joyfully regained their health and strength including weak hands becoming strong again.  Others with painful arthritis  and barely able to function  found freedom from pain and renewed energy. Miranda explained that muscles support every bone and joint in the body and when they become weakened and shriveled, the bones are not supported — hence the pain.

Sounds very good to me. I told myself. .”self, I want that.”  When I got to the end of it and the program was presented – promo fashion, it was quite beyond my budget momentarily.  Will get the book for sure, but I’ll settle for maybe one video.  Besides, one can SEE almost anything on YouTube for free. .  just saying,  Jan)



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