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March 18, 2015

Know what a DNR gets U?

                          There’s more to it

Came across an article written by Carol Savolaine recently  in which she and her husband were made aware that her written DNR wishes weren’t being honored, once her husband had collapsed and was taken to the hospital pursuant to the diligence of well-meaning friends trying to help.

Because of her experience, she  was attempting to alert others of the details surrounding the issue at hand.  There is a difference between DNR and the DNR-CC —  this is Do Not Resuscitate-Comfort Care only.  Without the CC designation, they then proceed to do the various testing they feel is necessary. .blood work, X-rays and other medical tests calling it diagnostic only.  All this couple had wanted however was comfort care.  They were more than three hours with all that and more tests were being recommended in addition to having him admitted.  This was all so unnecessary to them as all He wanted  was to go home where he wanted to be.  So they signed out against medical advice.

Mrs Savolaine recommends those who have their papers ready, to review that paperwork to make sure that it reflects your wishes.

Think of all the turmoil, angst and frustration thinking you have covered your bases and then to have to go thru something like this ( and no doubt, quite a bit of expense.)  That small technicality seems minor, but could be rather big.  Everyone knows the meaning and intent of that DNR term, so why does the medical profession have to complicate it so?  All that comes to mind is they aren’t making enough money. . .while most of us feel it’s the other way around.  Well anyway, check it out in the event of severely ill elders who are thinking they took care of that.    Jan


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