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March 9, 2015

Know what B-3 can do?

B-3  is Niacin  and (non-flush ilk) is Niacinamide

I take Niacinamide and have done so for quite a time.  Often forget why I bought it in the first place tho I wouldn’t have of course, unless I had been aware of it’s use for me.   So I pop one capsule daily. Pathetic, isn’t it?  My once agile mind is no longer what it used to be, now stuff comes in one ear and out the other far too quickly.  Should really call it a day. . but all my daily routine still gives me pleasure.   At least, now I know why I was interested in taking Niacinamide, and I see I’m doing it wrong  per,  Dr Andrew Saul whom I have the greatest respect for.  The following video  is so lucid and full of information we aren’t going to get from most doctors.  It can literally blow one away for there is help to be had for so many and varied mental disorders. . .including ADD and ADHD and flat out, full-on Schizophrenia. . . (even seeming hopeless, hospitalized cases) . . . none of which I knew about or can remember.  My usage was, I’m rather sure from stuff I’d read from Dr Jonathan Wright having to do with the beast known as Arthritis.  

From this Dr Saul video, I’ve learned more about ‘how to think about this product, how to take it and what to expect’.  He had worked rather closely with Dr Abram Hoffer who kinda started it all long ago.  They undertook to publish their work and collected trials and references into a usable form whereby people could help themselves to a better life, even have a good one.  But before it could be completed, Dr Hoffer died.  Thereafter, Dr Saul undertook to complete it anyway on his own.  The book is called “Niacin, the Real Story”.

Tho its a video, a rather long one. . . its really a conversation (AUDIO) between Dr Mercola and Dr Saul.  I loved it and I hope it can help you or someone you love.    Jan




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  1. how can i contact you through email?

    Comment by Ven — March 12, 2015 @ 2:56 pm | Reply

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