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March 8, 2015

Back-story on G.E. foods

Altered Genes  –  Twisted Truth

How GMO’s Took Over Our Food Supply

Here, finally is the truth  on how this BIO-TECH industry started, what they had in mind (not evil), the development, the participants and those who allowed it all to happen — even after it was known – not to be safe,  and all those who are complicit and at cross-purposes.  Many, many ‘scientists’ are aware of these implications and the risk factors, but have been quelled into acquiescence or otherwise silenced.  Imagine the pain of being educated, informed, aware, but being deprived of a voice!

 This great deception has been going on for 20 years or more;  as they say — truth will out.  I’m appreciative it has and most definately want this book attorney Steven Druker has given to us for it is surely  a monumental effort borne of committed passion.  And I remain deeply grateful to the status that Dr Joseph Mercola has achieved, for he allows other truth-tellers the avenue that we need to learn of such as this.  

Instinctively, millions of us have believed this subject a repugnant one and not been able to have government ‘protectors’ do their job and protect us from vile, fraudulent and dishonorable practices.  But I believe this must change now.  The FDA must be reformatted and made effective.  .  .  do what they were intended to do but instead, because of complicity and inaction, have harmed and killed so many of us — — made Americans appear as if we are a decaying society resulting  in “Medicine” then calling it faulty genes.  We are sick and dying of ‘faulty governing’ and slow to learn medicine..  .  Jan

 You Won’t Believe Who Is Responsible for Legalizing GMOs – It’s NOT Monsanto

As much as we blame Big Biotech for today’s genetically modified foods, surprisingly, it wasn’t them who started this dangerous human experiment. It all began more than 20 years ago with these individuals who you would never suspect initiating such a travesty.


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