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February 28, 2015

‘Origins’ movie/limited viewing

The ORIGINS Movie  Premiere (few days only)

The limited viewing of this remarkable movie is an eye-opener. . . and exquisitely made by and with some of the best known minds in the fields of health, nature, and importantly, our natural history.  Also included are some of the finest practitioners whom we here at “smokinchoices” treasure so much such as David Wolfe, Dr Sara Gottlieb,  J.J. Virgin, Dr Mark Hyman,  David Asprey – the Bulletproof Executive,  and Mark Sisson –  The Primal Blueprint,   and so many more.  This is from Dr Mercola; is over an hour in length, but well worth our time. . .enjoy,  Jan

Global Health Problems Reflect Our Disconnection from the Earth

Story at-a-glance

  • The film “Origins” shows how our modern lifestyle has caused us to lose our connection with the earth, resulting in so many of our global problems from environmental destruction to hunger and disease
  • The US is now producing and importing 74 billion pounds of chemicals each day that are poisoning our bodies and polluting our planet
  • If we ever hope to heal, we must address how we eat, move, and live symbiotically with the earth


The Unhealthy New Trend That’s Brutalizing America
It’s driving chronic disease rates upward, destroying the environment and drying out our planet’s resources.


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